Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wall Art Photo… MISSING!!

It is Tuesday night at 7:01pm. Lots of times I will prepare a post ahead of time and schedule it to go "live" to my blog at a specific time, usually around 5am. So today's post was supposed to be about a piece of wall art that I painted recently for a friend. It was really cute!

I have spent the last 3 hours frantically searching my laptop for the photos. It seems they have disappeared into thin air. Here's what happened. I open the folder to view the files, I go blank for a while (not literally; I just can't remember anything for a while), then my daughter comes to get the camera, which is unplugged and laying beside me. Obviously, I put the pics on the computer, if I disconnected it. I can't find them anywhere. When my daughter goes to download her photos off the same camera, my 4 photos aren't there, indicating I deleted them when I downloaded them.

FRUSTRATION!!! I honestly have looked and searched and even gone to system restore! I guess I have to give up.

I could show you the sketch that I did as a sample for me to go by, but I changed some things and the sample is nowhere near as cute as the actual painting was! It had crystals and bling and sparkle and was soooo cute! Even if I do say so myself.

I guess you'll have to take my word for it. 

Thanks for stopping by today… sorry you wasted your time.  LOL Well, I guess you did waste your time. Hmmm… what can I do to make it so you haven't wasted your time?

How about this? For today's post ONLY, if you leave a comment, which means you had to read the post to find out this, you get rewarded. I will give you a FREE .pdf file that I have to offer. You can choose from the Card Holder Tutorial shown in the photo at the right, the Business Card Holder Tutorial (you can see a photo of it under 3D projects—I will make the tutorial this week), the polka-dotted patterned paper I made with My Digital Studio (look under My Digital STudio to see this), or you can choose 3 of the My Digital Studio transparency sheets (you can see these under My Digital Studio to pick the ones you want).

How about that? We are talking about a value of at least $2.95 and up to $4.95! FREE for you! Let's see what happens now! What? Yes, for each of you that leave a comment. You see, it has already made me feel less negative by offering to give something away! So in essence, if you leave me a comment, you are cheering me up! This offer is good until Friday April 16, 2010. If you are late catching up on commenting or reading my posts, send me an email… maybe I will give it to you free later too!

Now, thanks for stopping by today!

Leslie Jones


  1. Too funny! You don't waste my time! I just like your blog voice! You are just too sweet! I am sure your project was beautiful - all your things are! No worries! Have a great day!

  2. You never waste my time I am so inspired by your art

  3. oh Leslie, I can relate. That is horrible. Try taking the flashcard to the store and see if they pop up there, that's what happened to me.
    Stay well,

  4. Thanks girls! Don't forget to let me know which .pdf file you want and your email addy to send it too!


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