Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ballerina Punch Art

Today I am showing you a cute Ballerina made with Stampin' Up! paper punches. I think punch art is so creative! When I look at the punches, I see the punch shape, ex. a heart shape, as the shape that it is. I don't see cat ears or the body of a ballerina. But some people do! All of my ideas come straight from them!

Most of the time, I get the idea to make a card or other project based on a project someone else did, but I always change it up to suit my tastes and needs. Sometimes, like the Card Holder and the Business Card Holder, I even come up with the pattern myself, just by measuring what I want to go in it. Thinking in 3D has always been easy for me.  BUT punch art… I can only copy. I can't change up and turn it into something else similar. I just can't.

Today though, I am not even showing you my version of the punch art. This is the actual one posted by Huffergirl on If you are a crafter of any kind and you have never gone to this site, you are completely missing out. It has hundreds of thousands of ideas. It is probably the largest "community" of crafters there is. It has forums, galleries, and tutorials for tons of techniques, etc. No matter what you are IN to, i.e. scrapbooking, mini albums, Stampin' Up!, other companies, etc. there are ideas for you! Besides, it is free. 


Isn't she cute? Amazing!

Have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by…Leslie

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  1. this is just adorable~ if you have a blinkie thingie I could put it on my blog.


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