Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swamp People Cake

Warning! It's a picture loaded post!
Little Red is at it again! She baked a Swamp People cake for Big Red's 40th birthday! He was so surprised and very impressed! It was based on their favorite show, Swamp People from the History channel.
LR is only 12 but she designed the whole cake. We sat down and she drew out what she wanted, and I helped her decide what foods we could use to make it work. She came up with most of those ideas too! Then we spent the day before the party making all the decorations to go on the cake. We decided it would be best to put them on the morning of the party instead of the night before. Very smart move!

As for the cake itself, it was a box mix and can frosting. We will work on more homemade confections next time. The decorations were the focus. Click on photos to see them larger.

What we used:
Nutter Butter Cookies: gator and Big Red (you can see how I hinged the gator's mouth in the photo)
M&Ms and Peanut M&Ms: Big Red's hat (I sawed a bit off with a knife so they would fit together better)
Marshmallows: (when you cut them they are sticky so you can add colored sugar!) lilipads, flowers, and gator eyes
Twix bars: logs (ran out of room on the cake for these)
Crunch bar crumbles: various rocks and broken logs pieces (ran out of room on the cake)
Candy sprinkles: Hair, eyes, nose, & mouth for Big Red, gator's teeth
Sugar sprinkles: red- the red in the marshmallow flowers and green- on the marshmallow lilipads
Watermelon (green) candy roll (this is like fruit by the foot with sugar on it): gator tail, snake, grasses
Gummy bears: gophers or swamp critters of some sort
Tootsie Rolls: These can be rolled and shaped just like playdoh or our favorite polymer clay! Rifle stock, scope on rifle, heart shaped rock, flower on rock, and Big Red's glasses!
Gummy Fish: Fish
Crunch Bars: (two- one is the base and the other was sliced carefully to make the sides) boat
Blue Gel icing: waves in water, centers of flowers
Green Cookie icing: green on top of cake, gator, and pants
Red Cookie Icing: shirt, mouth of gator
Pretzel sticks: fishing pole, gator lines, arms, legs of Big Red, rifle
Peanut Cluster: Turtle
Mini Chocolate chips:  Button on Big Red's pants, feet and tail for turtle
Mini Miniature Reese's Cups (the tiny ones): stumps in the water
*The only inedible things were the signs, of course, and the dental floss we used for the gator and fishing lines.

To attach things we used Baker's Chocolate. We bought one of those microwaveable bowls with the bits of chocolate in it. We put one or two of the chocolate pieces in a small glass bowl at the time, then we sat the bowl in a strainer and the strainer sat in the top of a larger bowl of hot water. This kept our "glue" ready the whole time.

The main sign was printed from the website, which is the official website for Troy Landry the "King of the Swamp". Of course, this only makes sense to you if you watch the show. Then we typed his name in Chiller font. It was free somewhere on the net. Just Google it. She made a small tag to go in the boat with 40 on it. This is supposed to be the "gator tags" limit for him. Finally we printed a small banner flag with Happy Birthday on it and cut it into a forked tip (like a snakes tongue). By dragging the flag through my fingers it created a bit of a wave or furl. Nice! We rolled the edges of all signs onto either BBQ skewers or a toothpick to stand it up.

What I would do differently: do not put cookie icing on the things. It ran and changed colors when it got cold and then condensation made it weep.It was Wilton brand, and I still think it would be a great product, if it weren't so runny. I plan to use it to color frosting for cakes in the future. Or at least try it that way.

My favorite part: spending time with my daughter. It's always nice to spend time with my girls, but Little Red was doing something that she loves to do, which made the whole even even more special and memorable!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BBQ Smoker/Grill FOR SALE!

Today's post is not craft related, SORRY!

We are selling our grill! It's HUGE! $3500 or best offer. Trust me, we will take less!

Pull behind trailer with permanently attached BBQ Grill/Smoker. Trailer tires in great condition. Lights on trailer work.

Grill made from 7 ft propane gas tank (250 gallon) and smoker box made from larger portable propane tank. Smoker box allows for indirect heat cooking using charcoal or wood. Main grill also has a full length rack in bottom for using charcoal or wood for direct heat cooking. 
Two clean out/ air vents below grill for easy removal of ashes or for good air flow.  There are two smoke stacks with closing handles for smoke levels just the way you like it. Each door has a stainless steel thermometer for easy monitoring of temperatures.
The doors have counter weights to allow for easier raising of the doors. Very little effort required to open them. The doors have latches to prevent them from opening during travel.
The grilling/smoking surface inside goes from end to end of the grill. There are 2 movable grill racks for easy and safer repositioning of meats. Smoker box has 2 vents in addition to 2 clean out/air vents to allow for removal of ash or improved air flow.
All vents, stacks, doors, and moveable parts are secured with chains for easy and safe travel.
Grill has been used once for testing purposes. It has a cooking capacity for over 250 pounds of Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder)-- 25 ten pound butts-- were cooked. Grill maintains temperature really well and develops a nice smoke flavor depending on the wood or charcoal used.
Grill is made using fine quality steel, no cheap thin metals. Extensive welding for secure and long lasting grill function. This is a custom made grill and was not from a kit. 
Rust is present because grill has only been used once. Repeated uses will season the grill preventing rust. You can ensure good seasoning of the grill by rubbing surfaces with oil.
Serious bids only. If you place a bid, you will be held responsible for payment if you win.  No shipping. Local Pick up only.
Please contact us with ANY questions you may have. 
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More pictures (Click to enlarge!):

Small tank on back for heat source.
Both racks inside pull out for easy/cooler access to meats at back.

Racks cover entire inside surface.
Close up of rack. Rust is normal. With repeated use this will disappear completely. Rubbing surfaces with oil can stop and prevent further rusting. We have seasoned it once. It takes repeated seasonings.

Side view show racks slid out. There is also a center rack that is stationary to provide a complete cooking surface. Visible in the bottom of the grill is a second rack or charcoal grate. A second set of meat could be placed on this surface for smoking. In the back of the grill you can see the heat deflector shield. heat and smoke are pushed  along the length of this shield to the ends of the tank where it then comes up onto meats.

Inside the heat source box. This tank holds sufficient wood to provide a sustained temperature of 200 degrees for excellent smoking. A combination of charcoal and wood will increase the temperature. There is a rack to raise the wood from the floor of the tank. Vents and clean out pipes are on each end.

A close up of the opening from the heat box to the main grill. This opening has a deflector to prevent direct heat/flame from hitting the meat.

View of one of the two clean out/vents on the smoke/heat box.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dollar Bin Mini Album

Hope you enjoy this mini album!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photos of the Ice Cream Party!

Use a jar with small rocks to hold a skewer with the designed paper tag on top!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charm Dangle-icious-ness!

I made the Charm Dangle to hang from a mini album ring. I added charms that fit the color scheme of white and cream. It was going in with my swap with Olga for the Fairy Bottle Swap (more details on that tomorrow) and so the charms relate to that!
I am also submitting this charm dangle to Drew at for the Live With Prima Jewelry Challenge! Wish me luck!
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Click on photos for a better view!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Youtube Give Away by Iowa2308

I am still organizing my craft room... I have been all year! I will finish, hopefully, this week. I will post a video tour and photos when I do.

Stop by and subscribe to Iowa2308 on Youtube. You will NOT be disappointed! Her videos are so informative and thorough! She is VERY creative! I have four favs on YT... (1)CynthiaLooWho, (2)Iowa2308, (3)Followthepapertrail, and (4)Jennings644, who makes me laugh!

Go to this video and subscribe, then you can comment on her video to have a chance to win her giveaway! It is basically an entire mini-album kit! Or a Medium album kit anyway.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

War Eagle!

War Eagle! The Auburn Tigers are 2010 National Champions! It is a great birthday present for me!
Whoo Hoo! I am sooo excited!
My favorite things about this National Championship?
(1)We Shut the Duck Up!
(2)Auburn is 2 Cam Good!

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