Friday, April 23, 2010

New Wall Art Designs!

I thought I would let you see some of the things that are keeping me so busy that I have not been posting a new project each day. These are some of the Wall Art pieces that were commissioned by a store in town. These are made from ceiling tiles and can be used as a bulletin board or just as a picture on the wall.
This first photo is a sample board for the store. The colors do not show well. They are lime green, hot pink, and the outlines are brown. My youngest daughter chose this one based on the sample sketches I made, hence the S.
  a 004
This next photo is another board based on the sample above. I make them blank, then the customer will indicate the initial to be placed in the center, and I will paint it.
a 002
This next board is not finished yet. I just thought I would show you the progress. I still have to paint the square in the center and the centers of each of the flowers. The colors are hot pink, lime green, and orange. I really liked this new design. I just came up with it this morning. My youngest daughter had a fit! She has now decided that she wants this one for her room and not the sample board.  No, to this date, I have yet to paint wall art pieces for my daughters' rooms!! Why is it that we always do things for everyone else instead of our family? Well, one reason is that I get $PAID$ for these. LOL
a 006
Not a new design, but it is a board for the store. This board is hot pink with black zebra stripes. I am going to come up with about 2 more styles. They may be the same designs as above, but different colors. Maybe.
a 005
Well, that is part of what I have been spending my time doing lately rather than making mini albums, scrapbook pages, cards, or gifts.
Edited to add the link!! Oops!! **Also, please check out where she is giving away a TON of SU! prizes!!! Sherrill Graff is such a talented designer and runs a yahoo group called Late Night Stampers, that is 99% Stampin' Up! It is such a great group with tons of ideas and tips! Check it out!
Thanks for stopping by today. Have a blessed day!

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