Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More sentiments and quotes!

Today's quotes are in a specific photo-type format. They are decorative and nice enough to print directly onto cardstock and either frame them or use them on a project.

Remember to click on the photo for a larger view!












Finally, I watch 19 Kids and Counting… I have since they were 17 Kids and Counting. After you get over the fact that they have 19 kids, all by vaginal births, and do not use birth control, the show is quite entertaining. They are extremely well-organized! I am in awe of the fact that the mother, Michelle, is so kind, gentle, and pleasant with 19 kids running around. The children are well-behaved and well-socialized. I only have 2 kids and we all struggle to keep it together. So anyway, Michelle made this Character Qualities chart that she and the children review each day. They take one characteristic each day and then repeat them over and over. I really like the idea, haven't been organized enough to do it yet, but I may try going over one each morning during breakfast, just to see the effect. Anyway, I needed a place to keep the link to the chart, which is why it is here. I will have to print it tomorrow when the printer is on.

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