Monday, April 12, 2010

Candy Jar Labels

Today I will show you the samples of the candy jar labels that I made for my cousin. She is having a party for her daughter, who will be 4, and the theme is candy buffet! It will be so cute! I will be posting photos of the finished party, so stay tuned!

So, I have been in charge of making the invitations, banner, tickets for the kids to purchase the candy, and the labels for the jars of candy. Yesterday I showed you the samples of the banner that will be put across the room. Today I will show you the labels for the jars of candy.


You can see my notes to my cuz. She hasn't told me which ones we are using yet. I hope it is the striped one. We aren't doing a red and white striped awning over the doorway, like originally planned, but these are still the cutest thing to me!! The ones with the black brackets on them would be hand cut to the shape of the bracket.

Which would you choose?

Don't forget about My Digital Studio when you are planning a project. It is a great tool to make the samples, see what they will look like without wasting a bunch of paper! What a GREEN way to paper craft!!

Have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by today!

Leslie Jones …

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  1. I like them all but I think the pink and purple are my favorites! Such a cute idea! We almost had one at our wedding reception!


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