Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Fabric & Your Big Shot Part 2

Before I begin today's post, I want to announce the winner of the blog candy! Since I couldn't use Random.org to choose a # for the comment post that would win (comments were spread over 3 posts), I put all the names in a bowl and chose one. And the winner is...

Thank you all so much for participating! You are awesome! Plus there were so many great ideas. See what I ended up doing after the Fabric & You Big Shot series is completed Friday!

Now on to today's post...


Today's project is a pin, barrette, or ponytail holder! It is up to you how to finish the project! Again, just like yesterday's project, the Big Shot is used to create this beauty! I have a Big Shot Bundle waiting for you to customize it, so click on the button on the side bar for more details.

Instructions and Supplies:


  • Corduroy button #114339
  • Sizzix Big Shot #113439
  • Scallop Circle #2 Bigz die #113469


  • Fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Ponytail elastic, barrette, or pin back


  1. Die cut 10 large scallop circles using Big Shot and Scallop Circles #2 Bigz die. Cut off eight of the scallops from each scallop circle. Gather together across the flat side about 1/4" from edge, gathering all ten circles on the same double-thread. Tie off.
  2. Die cut 10 small scallop circles using Big Shot and Scallop Circles #2 Bigz die. Gather the circles across three of the scallops on the same double-thread. Tie off.
  3. To cover Corduroy button, die cut a small scallop circle, then cut off all scallops. Gather the fabric around the edge, place button in the middle, then gather up threads and tie off.
  4. For a ponytail: Attach ponytail elastic to back, then sew through all layers of fabric (including fabric around button), so fabric layers are connected to elastic. For a barrette: Sew the flower to the barrette by looping the threads through the barrette. For a pin: Sew the pin back onto the flower by taking a small scrap of fabric to go over pin back, cutting tiny slits in the fabric scrap for the needle and hook part of the pin to poke through. Sew the scrap of fabric to the pin to finish off the pin.

For more information on booking a workshop using fabric and the Big Shot, please call or email me. To place an order, contact me today! Check out the Big Shot Bundle package that is available just from me in the right side panel!



  1. Who won??? Who won??? It doesn't say! Love the fabric ponytail flower. I would love to see a video showing how to gather the scallops!

  2. I will have to work on that! Had Internet problems all day! The winner will be announced in the morning! Here is a hint... this person entered the contest in every possible way!!!


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