Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Shot vs. Cricut: Fabric & Your Big Shot Part 1

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Today is day 1 of a 5 day series on using fabric and your Big Shot. I hope you will enjoy these posts, but most of all, call to book a workshop, so we can play!! You will see several projects and learn amazing tips about using fabric and the Big Shot. If you are an embroiderer, seamstress, or just love to craft, the Big Shot is fantastic for all!

There is a standing debate among crafters as to which die cutting system is the best. While some are electronic, others are manual. I will admit, I have both the Big Shot and a Cricut Expression.

Some of you have the Cricut already and think you don't need a Big Shot. Here are 10 reasons why you need a Big Shot!

  1. You can use texture plates and embossing folders with the Big Shot to give your paper (and starched fabrics) some dimension! You can't do that with a Cricut at all!
  2. The Big Shot dies are pre-measured to cut the perfect dimensions for card embellishments. No more wasted paper as you try to figure out the correct size.
  3. The Big Shot dies can be used thousands of times before needing to be sharpened, which is easily accomplished by running some metal from the inside of a soda can through it. The other systems can't be sharpened and the Cricut recommends you to replace a mat and blade ever 40 cuts! The Big Shot cutting mats can be used hundreds of times!
  4. There are Big Shot dies for standard box sizes. You know exactly the size of box you will get! Again, no more wasting paper guessing the size you need!
  5. Just like any other die cut system you can cut thin metal, chipboard, paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric. What you may not know is you can cut paper that is glittered, flocked, handmade, and layered with the Big Shot. Try that with the Cricut, and you will buy a new mat after each piece, and don't even try really thick materials without purchasing a "thick cut blade"!
  6. The Big Shot cuts fabric, up to 8 layers of cotton, with ease, and will also cut fur, felt, fleece, and other fuzzy materials with no hassle! With the Cricut you can only cut one layer at the time, plus the Cricut recommends you iron freezer paper over the fabric first before cutting fabric. What a hassle! As for cutting anything fuzzy, forget about it. It will ruin your mat!
  7. Not only is the Big Shot less expensive up front, the dies cost much less too! Dies for the Big Shot vary in price from $5.50 up to $42.95, which is less than half the price of the other die cutting system's dies! Alphabet dies will cost around $89.00 for the Big Shot too.
  8. You will not incur any miscellaneous expenses when using the Big Shot. See #2, 3, 4, 5, 6!
  9. The Big Shot weighs less than half weight of a Cricut.
  10. The Big Shot is easy to use at a crop or party. No cords required, so you don't have to crop near an outlet; you can be where everyone else is!

Are you ready to order? Click on the button on the right side panel, where you can save money off the catalog price by ordering directly from me. Still not convinced? Book a workshop with me, and I will bring my Big Shot for us to make a project with. You will love it! Plus, with the benefits of being a hostess, you can save even more off the catalog price!!


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