Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make Your Own Patterned Paper

It is almost April. The month where everyone works toward being more Earth friendly, celebrate Earth day, hug a tree, kiss a frog, oh... uh, maybe no one goes that far. I don't!! I am still showing you things that you can do at home to save your gas from going to the store. It is Easy Being Green!

Take patterned paper, for example. While you know that you can always stamp a background paper just by stamping an image or two all around the paper, did you know that you can make your own patterned paper and background paper using My Digital Studio?Just another great use for this program!

Here's the story. I needed some paper for my cousin's daughter's birthday party. We wanted polka dots in primary colors for a candy buffet party. I will show you pictures after her birthday. So I looked at what Stampin' Up! had to offer first, but found nothing. I looked online at other vendors and still found nothing! Doesn't anyone carry simple polka dot paper anymore? So, I was sitting there thinking that I could make it myself using punches and paper, then photocopy it. Well, if I can make the design with paper, then I know I can make it with My Digital Studio!

So what do you think? There are two because We decided we wanted to see what it was like without the black spots. That is what is so great about MDS! If I had made these with paper, I would have had to start completely over! The paper we didn't use would have been a waste! Not with MDS! With MDS, I opened the document, made the changes, and then Saved As! I still have both, and there was no waste!


If I need specialty paper in any color with any design, I can do it and then print it out! How awesome is that? Imagine what all you can create using My Digital Studio! I am still battling my Multiple Sclerosis more this week. I am not doing well, but at least it is not a relapse!! Praise God! Anyway, since I made this paper today, I thought that I would do some more My Digital Studio work for you, while I am stuck in bed with only my laptop and TV as friends!Can I tell you how much I am hating the re-runs lately!

I call using My Digital Studio, "Being Green", because you don't waste paper! You can create and create without ever printing! Save it all to a flash drive or make a movie out of your pages and put it on a DVD!

Thanks for stopping by today!! You can contact me to place an order for My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! If you do so by March 30th, you can earn a free stamp set, because your order will be over $50!! I am all about some freebies!!



  1. What a great idea! Hope you are feeling better in time for the party!

  2. I love the paper! So bright and fun! I would be into digital scrapbooking however - I don't think I would like to go through the ink! Plus I like the dimension, the touch of real pages. I see the draw though. It would be nice to create in bed when you are sick! I can get lazy and might like to create in front of the tv while I watch my tivo! I can't justify the expense right now but I will keep it in mind for Christmas!


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