Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magnetic Dress Up Set! Build-a-Bear Part 3

Today is the final part of the Build-a-Bear series. My 10 y/o daughter and her BFF made several projects last Friday. My daughter wanted a Stamp Camp as her birthday party, and only wanted to invite her two BFFs (one couldn't come this weekend). We didn't stamp, but they crafted to their hearts content!

Over the past 2 days, I have shown you all the projects we have made. You can view the rest of the projects by clicking on Big Shot in the categories list at the right!

The two photos below show the outside of the tins that contain the dress up bears.

a 007a 014

The next two photos show the inside of the tin. The build-a-bear is on the right in the Top Note sleeping bag and the clothes are on the left. The girls chose not to use the skirt. All of the clothes were made with paper from the Welcome Neighbor patterned paper that is FREE when you purchase $50 in product between now and March 31st!

a 008a 015

The next photo shows the bear without the sleeping bag.

a 010

The last two photos show the clothes and the paper they chose for the background. This paper is non-SU!, but they chose it for the "outside scene", so said the girls.

a 017    a 012  

I told you yesterday that there were some major tips that I wanted to give you about making these magnetic dress up bears. First and foremost, you MUST use a thick magnet sheet. I purchased Avery printable magnet sheets that came 10 to a pack. I found them in the office supply section of Wally World, but you can get them from office stores and craft stores. I cut the bear and clothes from this type of sheet first. The clothes were strong enough to stick to the tin, as shown on the left, but the bear wouldn't stick. Apparently, the magnet sheet was not strong enough to cling to the metal through the background paper. Yes, it was paper thin! Not SU! quality at all!

Luckily I had some thicker magnet sheet in my stash. Problem is, there was not enough for the clothes. So I cut the bears out of the thick, so they would stick to the tin. If I had enough of the thicker magnet sheet, I would have cut the clothes out of it too. Take it from me, use the thicker magnet sheet for it all, including the clothes! the thinner sheet on the clothes sticks to the tin, but when you place them on the bear, they will slide off. Big bummer!! If you don't use cardstock for the bear, then the clothes will stick a little bit, anyway.

The worst part of it all is that I don't know where I go the thicker magnet sheet. But I will tell you everything I know about it. It is 1mm thick. It was also adhesive. So watch for those specifications on the package.  The adhesive was really strong. I was impressed. The thinner magnet sheets I used were not even half this thick, very flexible, and came 10 to a pack. I don't know for sure, but I bet the thicker sheets will come with very few in a pack.

If I find the thicker magnet sheets, I will let you know.

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  1. Those are too adorable! I only wish I was a little girl again! These are just orecious! Youare too creative - I swear!


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