Thursday, January 7, 2010

Headaches, Organization Ideas, and Hot Tips!

I am fighting the worst series of migraines that I have ever had this week. BUT I will not fail in blogging every single day this year!

I found these awesome cardboard boxes at Wally World. I have wanted some forever. The lowest price I could find was $14 for one large box, that wasn't as large as these large boxes. Plus, the snap together design of the ones I looked at was a problem according to the user reviews. These boxes bolt together, hopefully reducing any chance of "snaps not lining up" or "popping apart". I will post photos later of how they look on my shelves. I have posted photos of my organized, but chaotic--because everything is in see-thru bins and in various colors-- shelves.

There are 2 of the Large boxes in one pack, 3 of the Medium boxes in one pack, and 2 of the Large boxes in one pack--each pack is only $8! The quality of these boxes is questionable. I will report back about their strength, since they are just made of chipboard. I am excited to try and organize my craft room even better. Click on the photos for larger views to see what sizes the boxes are. Someone leave me a comment if the photos are really, really large when you click on them. I can't get it to work for me... may be the headache.

Now for your Hot Tips!
  • Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth. Be brutally honest with yourself and your organizational habits. Take it from me, I moved into a new room with the plan and organization to keep everything neat. It hasn't happened. Mainly I think it is because the space looks messy even though it is organized. Hence the white boxes. I will be more tidy in a less chaotic space; I hope so at least.
  • Hi-Ho...Hi-Ho! It's Off to work we go. Provide yourself with a work table. Ideally, you should be able to spread out the items for your project and still be able to work. Even if your craft space is in a closet, get a table to work on (I have one friend that honestly works on the floor inside her narrow step-in (you really can't walk-in) closet.
  • Location, Location, Location. Keep most used items near your work station. If you use your quilting ruler for every project, make sure there is a space for it near your work table, so you can just reach and get it. Having to repeatedly go to find your tools or materials, slows the creative process, and sets you up for a messy space, because it is not likely to be cleaned up if you are just going to get it out the next day.
  • What's Your Sign? Decide what type of organization you need. Your choices are by craft (sewing, paper, painting), by color (such as grouping all of one color paper together or one color of fabric together.), by theme or brand (such as Christmas, coordinated sets, kits).
  • Group Therapy. Keep in mind when organizing that keeping like items together will reduce your chance of double purchases and give you full view of what you have available to use for your project. For example, keep all paper together, from scraps to full size sheets. For more information on paper storage look at this post.
  • Are you an Open or Closed crafter? Also decide if you need open or closed storage. Open storage includes clear bins that you can see through to know what you have on hand (especially important if you are the type to buy something, then realize you have one already at home. This is also a great method for those who need inspiration, with your products being visible, you can look and see what you would like to use to create.) Closed storage tucks like items away neatly to create a very unified appearance (this is what I hope to achieve at some point. It reduces visual clutter and enhances creativity from a blank slate.)
  • Beg, borrow, and steal. Finally, decide on your budget. Ok, so don't steal, but you can spend as little or as much as you would like when organizing a craft space. There are fantastic storage options for every budget. Even the very frugal budgets can create a neatly organized space with little to no money, just a bit of ingenuity, some left over boxes, and a thrift store.
Stampin' Up! has some great storage products, from photo storage boxes to ribbon holders to paper storage. Call, comment, or email for more information. How about this special? Get $10 off your first order of $100 or more! Offer expires February 1, 2010. Thanks for stopping by today.

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