Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Gifts!

Happy Birthday Valerie!!

Today I thought I would share with you some gifts I made for Christmas. I wish I had the time to share these with you as I was making them instead of all together, but with all the orders that Creative Pzazz, LLC had there just wasn't time. I will save the ones that were stamped or used Stampin' Up! supplies and do them in separate posts, so I can show several photos of each. I have always done many different types of crafts, and these are some of the ones ordered this year. I am hoping I can convince my cousin to teach me how to sew, so I can make a purse or two also!

First, you will see the 75 bracelets I made for an order my uncle placed with me. He takes 3 or 4 mission trips a year to travel to Venezuela to help build an orphanage. This trip, he went to give the people who take care of the children in the orphanage a vacation- their first in decades. My uncle promised me a photo of one of the girls with their bracelet on. I will post it upon their return. You can see the whole pile of bracelets in the first photo, then in the second photo you will see the bracelet pulled open. There are a series of macrame knots that create a tube of sorts that the strings of the bracelets can pull through. Pull the strands all the way open to put the bracelet on, then in the third photo, you will see the bracelet in a tightened position. The bracelets were created this way so they would fit all sizes of children from age 4 or 5 up to adult. The 4th photo is of the finished bracelet.

The two Wall Art are made on 2' x 2' ceiling tiles. These work great for bulletin boards, but most people just use them for decoration.

The final photo is of some Polymer Clay bracelet and earring sets I made. Polymer Clay, if you didn't know, is basically a modeling clay that you can bake to make it hard. These are tiny. The necklace pieces are around 1" with seed beads on the strand, and the earrings are around 1/2" each. These were a big hit with the ladies that my mom works with at the library.

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  1. Congrats ! you got a nice blog, I hope you have time to visit my world ,I invited a few selected people to visit my world and you are one of them,,once again

  2. Love the snowmen! You are so talented! Love the ceiling tiles and bracelets too! Those kids must have been so excited! Love how they tighten!


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