Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! (Said with a very sarcastic tone...)

I got up excited about the new year and my plans to blog each day of 2010. All was going well as I typed my new post. I went to take a photo of some great Organization boxes I found at Wally World (which I will show you tomorrow). I come back to my computer, and the battery had died shutting the computer off! The really aggravating thing is that it was plugged up to charge! Well, almost. Apparently the cord at the back of the computer hadn't been pushed all the way in. So, my new year is starting off like every other year of my life... great, but full of life's little aggravations. Edited to add, I came to fix a link, but found the post I made earlier today! Aggravation #2! Aggravation #57, the whole alignment of the photos changed when I posted the edits. The words are not associated with the photos they go with. I've come back a dozen times now! Note to self: DO NOT edit posts with multiple photo captions!

So, here I am with the first post for 2010. I have restarted it 3 times, (that is not counting the edits and fixes!) including the time the battery died. I just can't decide what to say. I know, right? Me speechless?

Today my goal is to make a new blog header, so if you stop by and read this post and it has the Christmas header, come back by later for the 2010 New Year's header. Next up on the To Do List, I bought a new camera and need to install the software and DL the photos. I will post tomorrow more about them. Right now I am just learning the new camera. I am still struggling with the focus and it is an auto-focus camera. You'll see when I post photos of my new and old camera, with sample photos from each.

The other thing I want to do today is to make a plan for my new storage boxes! I have always wanted one of those color coordinated craft rooms like so many of you have. But I have been stuck with storage boxes and crates that are various colors and open storage, making for a very chaotic appearance. Plus I am still having to take several boxes down to find something. I will show you photos of before and after. Plus, I will show you how I go about inventorying what I have, so I can easily find things.

Today I have no project to show you, but I am going to share an Organizational Tip with you. I have gone through how to organize several different craft items, but not fabric. Check ou these photos of various ways to store your fabric yardage and scraps.

This first photo is a great storage idea, but it reminded me of a closet shoe sorter. You know the kind that hooks over the rod and you can put at least one pair in each collapsible shelf.

This second photo is a simple idea, but with fabrics stored with like colors, it seems VERY organized.

This next photo is of a Clip It Up! It sells for $65 in craft stores and online for the long or round versions. The photos don't show it, but you can clip up fabric "fat quarters" too.

Finally, this last photo is what a girl created to function like a Clip It Up system, but using IKEA supplies all for around $8-13!! My kind of prices! Click on the photo to see how she made it!

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a very happy new year!!!!

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