Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resolutions!

Uhmmm... No, I haven't lost my mind (completely anyway). I'm just starting my New Year's Resolutions early! Starting today, I will be posting every day. I know, it will be hard at times, but I owe it to you all for being such loyal followers. My posts will not be just fluff either! If my post is an ad for a sale, it will also contain a Hot Tip or Organizational Idea too. No matter when you come to my page, you will hopefully be inspired or learn something.

I will post at least three projects per week. My Digital Studio projects will not count toward my goal. The project will have to be either a card, a gift item, altered item, mini album, or scrapbook page.

I will be posting more MDS ideas for you too. MDS ideas can include cards, scrapbook pages, calendars, and inspirational art. I will post My Digital Studio projects when I have had 1000 things going on that day, because ANY project made with My Digital Studio just takes minutes! I can make a traditional card in 5 minutes, but I can make 3 cards in 5 minutes with My Digital Studio!

I am also going to challenge myself. I will take on a Creative Challenge to make a project from another demonstrator, another website, or based on YOUR REQUEST! How fun is that? This idea stemmed from my sister-in-law (Thanks Rona), who need a calendar that slides in and out of an envelope for her and her sisters. Well, I sketched and calculated and I am going to make them for her! Of course, I will post them as soon as they are made. This is just one example to show you what you can challenge me with! Need a mini-album that fits a certain size? Just give me the specifications, and I will create it and give you the instructions!

My next Resolution is to start a Creative Kit Club. A couple of you have expressed interest in making certain projects and wondered if I would send you the materials to make it yourself. I've decided I will do this monthly. Each month I will create a project, such as a box of cards, candy box, or other 3D item, and then send you the materials needed to complete this project yourself! More details will be posted about the Creative Kit Club when I finalize all the details. Many demonstrators offer these clubs and you have to committ to 6 months of club in advance. I can tell you I will be offering my kits on a month to month basis. You buy only the months that you want! I will also try to give you multiple options for the projects, so you can see other uses or gift ideas with each project. I'm really excited about this!

Finally, I love the idea that some demonstrators have where several people get together that want different things from the catalog, such as markers, card stock, ribbon, buttons, brad, etc. and they organize a SHARE. Each person pays for a portion of the "shared item" each month and receives a portion each month. I've decided I will have Creative Shares! For example, if I organized a share of ribbon and there are 4 people in the share group, each person will get 1/4 of the ribbon and pay 1/4 of the cost each month until each person has the whole set! I would like for my first Creative Share to be the Pretties Kit (shown at left). This kit is filled with flowers, half pearls, whole pearls, hat pins, brads, spacers, and clear beads. They all come in a beautiful tin case. At the end of the share, each person would have an entire set of the pretties and the case for storage, but the payment for it would be spread out over time! This works great if you are trying to get a more expensive item or collect all the textured cardstock and can't buy it all at once! If you are interested in a Creative Share of any items, email me or leave a comment below and we will get one started. I will post in January about the Pretties Kit Creative Share.

Finally, I will be doing some experimenting in the world of quilting. Ooooo... I know. Scary. Me and a sewing machine! Yikes! Well, my friends Angie Juda at swears that it is so easy! Straight line stitching! The pieces are cut out with the Big Shot die cutting machine! Here is an example of the purse she made, and that I will be "attempting" to create myself! Isn't it so cute!

I am so excited! I hope you all will follow along with me every day and tell your friends!

Hang on tight! It's going to be a WILD ride!
Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. It'd be cute if you'd make a diaper bag like that purse! vpc


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