Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wall Art

I have been so busy making signs for people that I haven't had time to organize my craft space or to make any other projects! There are several things that are on my to do list for crafting. You can expect to see these over the month of October: Halloween/Fall Festival Lollipop craft, Christmas Tags for a Christmas Card & Tag Class (just wait until you hear about this!), a mini album for birthdays or holidays, Snowman invitations to a Christmas party, photos of a Home Decor Elements vinyl wall decal installation, and hopefully some organization tips!

But first, I have more Wall Art to show you. While I do make 8 x 10" and 9 x 12" canvas panels too, my current best seller is the ceiling tiles! Check out these latest samples:

All ceiling tile signs are made to order according to your specifications. We create exactly what you want, within my ability that is!
Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. What a crazy cool idea! I neverthought of personalizing ceiling tiles. I almost wish I had some in my house b/c I think that would be super cool. Maybe when we are ready to have a baby and I lose my craft room and move tothe basement. We might have to putme in there. Super clever!


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