Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Wall Art and War Eagle!

In Alabama there is not much that comes before football. Not family, not work, maybe church, but you will hear the men in church discussing the weekend games in the vestibule, especially Auburn and Alabama football. And if Auburn and Alabama play each other... well, friends may not speak for weeks after. My family is by birth and by honor BIG Auburn fans. So, making an Auburn sign for a customer was a no-brainer.

But I did have to oblige a paying customer and paint an Alabama sign too. It hurt really badly. I had to go to confession and sing 4 War Eagles just to atone for my sins! LOL Seriously, I have to charge extra for an Alabama sign. It is only fair to my team. LOL Actually, each houndstooth is drawn and painted by hand, so these signs are very time-consuming, which is why they cost more.

Finally, the double-sided Alabama sign had brown Zebra stripes with Orange accent. It proves that both sides do not have to match. Hang a double-sided sign in the window or hang it so one side shows, then later turn it so the back shows.

Thanks for stopping by today. Oh, and if you don't live in Alabama and you don't care about football, if anybody asks, say you are an Auburn fan! War Eagle!!

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