Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stampin' Up! and my craft space...

Maybe I should have said craft black hole. There is no space. I moved from a 7' x 11.6' room to a 10'x 11' room. I should have plenty of room! I even got rid of a ton of stuff! Some went to the yard sale pile (still haven't had the actual sale of the "yard" yet) and some went into my girls' craft cart. What happened? I have two tables now that I didn't have before. One table, the work table, houses my cricut, toaster oven (for polymer clay only), sewing maching, laser printer, and soon (I hope) my Big Shot from Stampin' Up! The other table is supposed to be clean so I can create. AGAIN, just like in the old room, I have a 18" area that I can actually work in. Most of the time my project is 1/2 in my lap and 1/2 on the table!
How can this happen you say? Well, it takes talent. It takes talent to move everything into a space and plan the organization, only to end up less organized that you were previously. I can't find things I need. Some things are where they are supposed to be, but most are waiting to be organized! For example, I have a huge box of ribbon (the box from a case of GP printer paper) that is waiting to be "organized". I will refrain from the use of that word any more until I can actually say that I have done it! I will use "the O".
I also have hanging file folders waiting to get "the O" so I can put in my 54 colors of Stampin' Up! cardstock! Which means, the cardstock is in a box on my bar (plus most of the rest of my Stampin' Up! order), stacked on the work table, is piled on top of the hanging files teetering on the file cart, and the scraps of these and other cardstock are in a pile next to another pile of cardstock and file folders ALL waiting for "the O". I sell personalized books for children (check it out at and the crates that hold the covers are stacked in the entrance to the room making it almost impossible to get in. Again, these covers need "the O" and a new smaller home, because these crates are too big and invariably I have to go into the bottom crate to get a cover when I make a book!
What about the table where I create, you say? Oh, yes. Sure, it should be clean. Of course. But you have to realize that I just finished one project and didn't quite clean everything up (see I get more tired than you because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am disabled-- I know...lame excuse), so there are piles of 2 or 3 different projects on the top, plus a stack of magazines to read. My table also has tools in several piles on it waiting for "the O". I need a holder for "use a lot" tools and one for "not so much" tools. Why is that so difficult for me? Don't ask me! I'm the one going to "O" Anonymous for my problem!
Boy do I need chocolate!
mmm...much better...Back to the table, I have 3 jars of flowers, 2 jars of ribbons, ink pads (only some of them), and stamp sets (they have another home, so they just need to go there). So my create table needs "the O" BIG TIME! I want my ink pads left on the table for me to use them easily. I like the ribbon and flower jars there too. Oh, no, my table is plenty big enough. It is 34" by 6'. And I fill the whole thing with STUFF. I think I have some of my Daddy in me. This is just like something he would do.
The ribbon is a problem. It needs "the O" in a bad way. The Stampin' Up! Ribbon I would like to use often, but the other I will only use once in a while. So the jars can go, but where. Then I have these nice neat boxes like tacle boxes that came from ACE Hardware, where my Daddy works. They have separate compartments in them for brads, buttons, clips, etc. They work great, except I have more to go in them that won't fit! So, they need "the O". Tired yet? Hang on!
I do some decorative painting, like polka-dots, nothing really fancy. There is a gun cabinet-turned-bookshelf that all these sit on waiting patiently for "the O". The cabinet is behind my business wrapping station with tissue paper, jewelry boxes, gifts bags, and sacks, which ALL need the "You know what" so much it hurts! My tissue paper is getting faded!
So what do I do? I work on projects for people during the day, cook supper, take and pick up the kids, do laundry, pay bills, go get groceries, and at some point I have to take 2 or 3 -30 minute breaks. You know... it's that whole MS thing.
I am frustrated. I am being creatively blocked by all the chaos! So much so that I can't really create and express myself. I do not feel confident about my materials and projects with a space like this. I feel overwhelmed by how much I have to do to get my room functional. Did you notice that I haven't posted any photos of my work? This is why. Well, that and I am shy. ;)
What to do... I may be able to pull out a miracle on my own. By tackling "the O" and doing what I can with limited funds (most things have their "O" needs, I just have to do it).
because I am desperate and because it may take drastic measures... I may post photos of the chaos out of shame so I will be forced by the haunting of continued public humiliation to actually get something accomplished!
My challenge is to have my craft space complete and "O" by September 1. It is not far from now, I know. I have to be firm and fast; however, because I have my Stampin' Up! stuff to demonstrate and parties to plan and people may want to see my space to be inspired. Right now it would only make them want to quit crafting and run screaming through the door like cartoon characters do leaving an outline behind them.
What is my goal? Look at this space of Andrea Walford's. In my dreams...

Thanks for stopping by, but I wish you would just come help me "O"!


  1. My suggestions - 1) Enlist help. Ask your dausghters to help you. Make it fun and give them a treat for helping and lots of praise! Put on some fun energizing music and make it a fun mother/daughter bonding thing!
    2) Take on 1 thing at a time. Looking at the whole picture is obviously over whelming you! For instance take on paper 1 day. Just paper. Then the next day do ribbon. etc. Just clear your work space another day.
    3) Prganize for more organization later. HUH? Take things that are too much for now but in the way and put them in a bin. (EX. Scraps - take all scraps and put them in a laundry basket or box just to get them out of the way and then one night in front of the tv, take the box out and sort them into piles and place in file folders. I am all about organizing while watching tv, shocking huh! Hope this helps!

  2. I meant organize for more organization later! I hate typos!


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