Friday, August 14, 2009

I LOVE Punch Art!

I just love punch art. I think it is because you make something out of just random shapes. I have another link that is very detailed--see punch art under the Labels menu at the right. The punch art I am showing you today is simple, but very well done.

Sophia Landry posted this on Andrea Walford's blog (they are sisters). She does a punch art post every Wednesday, and she gives wonderful detailed instructions and photos to help you make your own. the way she sponged the pieces of the orange just make it look very round. Well done!

I also like the white gel pen doodle dots around the outside of the card. Her sentiment inside was "are my main squeeze", but she gave other examples, such as Orange you sweet/cute/etc. You are the orange of my eye. It took me a while to get the last one, but I like it!

So, feel inspired? Make something and post a comment for us to check it out!
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  1. I love punch art too! Though I don't have many punches yet. I love seeing how creative people can make things out of basic shapes. I do the same with my cricut design studio. I try to play witht he shapes to make something else. A fun way to stretch what you have and make it your own!


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