Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Creations

I have seen these neat photo slideshows on some people's sites called SLIDE. While I do think it is awesome and very nice to have for people to see several pictures, it does take a while for the webpage to load after you have the slide on there. For me, that killed any enthusiasm. I still have friends and family on dial-up. It takes long enough for them to see my blog pages!

I have always planned to post photos of my projects as I make them, especially ones that demonstrate Stampin' Up! items. I do so many things as a crafter, it is hard to know where to start showing photos. I have decided to start with the most popular item that I sell. Yep, I have a website:, and I sell personalized children's books and other custom gifts. The most popular item I sell is name/initial wall art. I do other wall art on commission too. Bulletin boards from ceiling tiles, painted decor on canvas, decor using my cricut on canvas, etc. You'll see some examples over the next few days.

Before I show a project, I'll let you know what is going on around here over the next few weeks. I am excited to start trying vinyl in my Cricut. I purchased some white vinyl from Stampin' Up! and I plan to cut words such as family, hope, love, etc. in different fonts and put them on this very large mirror (it used to be a dresser top mirror) on my living room wall. That will be another post and maybe a tutorial!

I finally have all my stamps from my Stampin' Up! order mounted and ready. Anybody interested in being a hostess for a workshop, contact me today. I will host my own open house to introduce family and friends to my new venture in September. I already have two other workshops booked for later in September as well. Also I hope to offer a class for Christmas cards and tags. I was thinking I would teach 6 cards and 6 tags as a class. Each card would have a different technique and use a different stamp set. This would be an advanced class, but we can help any beginner along. Stamping is so easy! Tap to ink it up then press it down. Easy Peasy!

I am STILL organizing my craft space. I just got another shipment in of ribbon. It seems frustrating that as soon as I clear a off a spot, something else comes in and fills it. I have pledged not to purchase anything else, but I have to keep supplies in stock to create the things I sell. I use ribbon all the time on almost everything I make. I am bad about using a cardstock or patterned paper strip instead of ribbon on a card though. Weird, huh?

Today's photos are teacher's gifts and a gift for my mom. You will see post it note purses, using a sheet of cardstock with patterned paper on it folded over the post it notes and some ribbon handles, and a Post it note note pad, using ribbon, coasters, and my Bind it all. I also used the One of a Kind Stamp Set from Stampin Up! on this note pad--contact me to order this set. I am sure I will revisit these projects and make tutorials with measurements, etc. in the future. These were such fun and inexpensive gifts that made such big impacts!

Thanks for stopping by. More project photos coming each day! More explanation about the name tags coming soon. Check back soon for more projects, ideas, organizing updates, and tips!


  1. Finally! I finally get to see some of your creations! I love them! So cute and I love the colors! I can't wait to see more! Love the bookmarks!

  2. P.S. - New season of Greek starts August 31st. (My B-day!) Yeah! Are you a fan of Casey and Cappy??


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