Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special Request: We've Moved Card Ideas

A e-friend of mine and her husband are getting a new home. She was wanting inspiration for We've Moved cards. When I need inspiration, technique instructions, or card style instructions (and sometimes when I am bored), I head over to SplitCoastStampters (SCS). It is a stamping and crafting site filled with message boards, but it also has tens of thousands of photos of projects in the gallery and a ton of techniques with complete directions with photos! It has free registration, but you can also just browse around using the guest ID. If you register, you can save photos of projects you like in your gallery to go back and find them later, which is what I wish I had done months ago. I have found some really pretty, funky, or plain amazing cards, scrapbook pages, mini-albums, and 3D project gift ideas on this site. So, go check it out! No, wait until you have finished reading my blog and sending me a comment! :)

Now back to the subject at hand. I had found a couple of We've Moved cards on SCS over the past few months, but as I alluded to above, I did not save them into my SCS album. So, long story short I had to go back and find them... still not sure where they are, but I found one that is too cute to pass by. Click on it to go to the artist's blog.

So I thought I would give you a description of the card I can't find. I was a house shaped card and the roof (top of the card) swings open on a brad showing the message with the change of addy (the inside of the roof). Here is instructions and a video on Dawn's Stamping Thoughts. She has so many videos on how to make all sorts of things. Found her on YouTube.

OMG!!! I just found the one I was looking for! It is called a spinner card. You cut a 1/4" gap in the front of a card and put two pennies back to back with pop dots between them and the pennies roll along this gap. You then stick the "object" you want to move along onto the front penny. You can find instructions and a video here on Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.

If anyone is interested in the stamp sets used to make the card at the right. Contact me by comment or email me at These are Stampin' Up! stamps, and I will be glad to place an order for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you Thank you! i will definitely check out the galleries! I love the slider card. I made one similar but it was a birthday card and had a golf ball going into a hole. It was super cute. I might have to do a bunch of different cards now that I have so many ideas! I can do a We've moved series of cards! OOOh I am getting excited now! Thank you so much for posting this information for me. I feel very special and spoiled! I really appreciate it because I know you are busy! Did you ever end up getting to Big Lots?


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