Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Hop: Amy V Luvs TV

Hello. I am a closet TV lover. I have been addicted to TV for ... well you don't need to know that. I watch shows and get very involved in the characters and the story line. My addiction was almost under control until we got a Digital Video Recorder. All Hail the Inventor of the DVR/TIVO! I can only record two shows an hour, which is a bummer. My daughters (and my husband, who is farther in the closet than I am) keep over 40 hours of TV recorded on the DVR. No, we don't watch it all at once, but we do watch a LOT. Each of us has our favorites, but recently, all 4 of us have gotten addicted to a storyline for Days of Our Lives. We eat supper and watch Days together. It is funny, none of us would ever really admit to watching that show.

I love so many TV shows it is hard to pick my absolute favorites. In the off season, I love Greek, The Closer, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Hawthorne, Raising the Bar, Saving Grace, Dark Blue, The Cleaner, and Hell's Kitchen. We also quick watch America's Got Talent (fast forward through most of it).

We can't wait for the Fall season to start. The girls and I are MAJOR fans of Grey's Anatomy. We are so thankful Izzie is coming back (at least for a while--please longer than one episode I hope). I also love NCIS, House, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, Two and a half Men, How I met your mother, Private Practice, Lie to Me, Flashpoint, and The Mentalist. There are more, but I can't remember them all right now. We are looking forward to Mercy. I can't wait!

As much as I love TV, I try to stay in the closet about it. It plays in the background as I work, cook, do computer things, or rest. The only time the world stops for me and I only pay attention to the TV is during Grey's Anatomy. I record it to DVR, but I watch it live too. Sometimes we watch it twice trying to catch some of the hints. You will have your feelings hurt when I ignore you if you visit during Grey's.

Amy V does not feel shy at all about her love for TV. She named her blog after it! Her blog is new, much like mine, but she posts videos frequently, which I can't do because my daughter messed up our brand new FLIP. Anyway, Amy does beautiful work. She also loves mini-albums and scrapbooking. The post I am directing you to is for a video of a mini-album she made for a friend of hers. I am so jealous of how she can put together each page and yet it is all part of a whole concept. She worries that she can't do the fibers or ribbons on the closure... With all the talent she has... no way! Please visit AmyVluvsTV and watch the video of her project. It really is a beautiful album in looks and purpose.

Thanks for stopping by and "tune in next time".

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  1. Leslie - Oh my god! How sweet are you! I can't even describe how much you just made my day! 1) I love to hear about other TV obsessed people! It is also nice to know someone else over 21 besides me watched Greek! I love it! We will definitely be chatting when the new seasons start, I have no doubt! 2) Wow, I am blushing! It is so nice to know when someone out there in cyberspace is enjoying what you do! Thank you for the shout out and your kind words. It means so much! You rock!
    (P.S. my blog is amyvlovestv not luvs but the link is good!) Thank you again!


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