Sunday, July 12, 2009

EZ View Desktop from The Original Scrap Box!

Oooohhh my goodness!! You have to go check this out. The Original has several products available, but the absolute best, bees knees, cream of the crop, is the Workbox. The Workbox looks like an armoire and comes in colors to fit your home decor. When it opens the doors open and then another set of doors opens! Full height, top to bottom, storage available to hold anything you choose. Whether you sew, scrapbook, or just need a space to store a bunch of things, this cabinet is for you. It has 85 containers for storage of items. It was originally designed for the scrapbooker, please don't let that limit your interest in this beauty. It is expensive, I will tell you that, BUT it is so phenomenal and made from quality construction that it will be worth every penny. No, I do not have one yet, but I will... soon.

The point of this post is to let you in on a Blog Candy by Andrea Walford. If you comment about any product found at The Original you will be entered in a drawing to win the EZ Desktop from The Original This desk top is great placed on saw horse table legs, other table bases (check IKEA, Pottery Barn, etc.) or on other custom legs. Just look at the amount of storage you get! If you are a visual crafter and need to see the items you have to be inspired to use them, this desk top is for you. Again, this desktop is perfect for any creative endeavor, such as sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, etc.
Please visit Andrea's blog to post a comment about the desktop and you will be entered in the drawing to win the desktop!

No, I am not a sales person for The Original I actually have no affiliations with any business at the current time, except for, which is my own business. I just love great storage products and anything that can save money! Winning a Blog Candy definitely saves money and the desktop is great storage. Maybe one day I will save up enough money to buy the Workbox... A girl can dream, you know. (So mu hubby reads this and says I would have enough money if I quit buying chocolate.) Hmmm... a girl's gotta eat, and he doesn't really want to see me when I am chocolate-free! Nobody does! Speaking of... gotta get some now.

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  1. I would love one of these! They are so neat!


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