Monday, August 23, 2010

To Do List

Here is a Hot Tip! Keep a running TO DO List in your craft space with a list of the projects that you have to do, but also include all the things you want to do!  This will keep you focused on getting the required tasks done and get you closer to doing all the fun things you want to do!
Is your TO DO List this long?
  • Bulletin Board/Ceiling Tile Wall Art:
    • Polka Dot Bobcat colors
    • Auburn no zebra border
    • Alabama no zebra border
    • Aquas stripes
    • Small samples
  • Ballerina Canvases
    • Large with initial on it
    • chalkboard canvas panel sample
  • Canvas Panel Initial and Name Signs
  • Canvas Quotes and Scripture Signs
  • Satin Flowers for Headbands and Barrettes
  • Canvas Panel Mixed Media (like the Maggie sign)
  • Business Card Holder Tutorial
  • Clean and organize my craft room, especially my paints. I have gallons, small bottles,  and quarts of paint.
  • Set up an ebay account.
  • RE-do my website (this was supposed to be done by March!)
  • Make a Cricut and CDS word book using a monogram.
  • Make a craft/art tin with crayons, markers, etc. in a cookie tin.
  • Mini Album using distress techniques and metal accents!
  • Pink and black mini album for my daughter.
  • Aquas and greens purse mini album for my other daughter.
  • Christmas cards.
  • Birthday cards
  • Assorted occasion cards, especially sympathy cards.
Oh my gosh, right? Well, I hope you stay tuned for more!
Thanks for stopping by today! As you can see there is a lot to see over the next few weeks!
Thanks, Leslie

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