Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My BEST Creations!

I thought I would share some First Day of School photos with you all. It is a tradition that we take a photo on the 1st day in the kitchen in our house to mark their height, etc. for that year. We don't buy school photos anymore (they wash them out so badly!) so I make copies of these for family and friends. Another tradition is for kisses photos. Megan thought she was above all that this year, so she wouldn't kiss Syd. Megan will be 15 on the 30th and Sydney Grace is 10. They are both precious!!
SDC14843 SDC14829 SDC14833 SDC14838 SDC14842
Thanks for stopping by today! I have another video for you tomorrow!


  1. i agree these are you BEST creations!!!

  2. Thank you!! They look so sweet an innocent! You should have seen the bickering that ensued just after the kiss photo!! LOL


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