Saturday, August 21, 2010

Satin Flowers: The Posy or Peony

There are 100s of videos on YouTube about how to make lollipop flowers with satin fabric, a candle, and some hot glue. The video I have made for you is a twist on the lollipop flower. You'll see samples of each in the video!

These flowers remind me of a posie or, if you add several layers, a peony or rose. In my opinion, the lollipop flowers look great for clean and modern layouts, while these layered flowers continue the vintage theme really well. Of course, you can interchange them all to suit your needs!

Layer a larger flower with a smaller flower before you add the center for a fuller flower! Don't forget to use larger circles to make larger flowers too!

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  1. Awesome tutorial! I love this variation on the lollipop flower. Though I have yet to try to make any yet - I will be sure to try this technique when I do! So pretty! Add a little diamond dust and you have a homemade prima!


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