Friday, August 20, 2010

Pretty Woman Tag

I made my first tag!! Well, I have made Christmas tags before, but this is what I call Tag Art. I won't be using these tags as tags. I plan to place them in a book, sort of like a mini album of tags! Remember: click on the photos to see a larger view!!

 SDC14876SDC14891    SDC14883 SDC14895      

Carlene the Pink Scrapper hosted a swap for August, and the theme was Pretty Woman. I decided to use a photo of my grandmother. I love things from the 40s. I think it is my favorite decade. So, I thought a photo of her from 1944 would be great!


SDC14882SDC14878SDC14892I used pearls below the photo on the swap tags and black beaded trim at the base. I didn't have enough of the tiny trim I used below the photo on the tag for my grandmother or the vanilla trim I used at the base of her tag. It all worked out well though! They both look great! To me, at least.

My tag was themed around her as inspiration to the rest of us. I added a hope ribbon charm because she has survived kidney cancer (they gave her 6 months to live over 6 years ago) and bladder cancer (three times so far)! I am inspired by her strength, so ISDC14887 decided to add the definition of inspire and the word inspire stamped on the tag. Besides cancer, she has survived atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rate), where they have to shock you with the "paddles" to get it back in rhythm. She went through that 3 times. It never worked. It basically kills you for a second or two, not to mention the pain of an all over extreme body contraction! She has a pace maker (recently placed) to help keep her heart rate from going so slow too! She had two strokes and was still 100% the same as before the strokes. She just had another stroke two weeks ago, which she is still recuperating from, but she should recover completely from it too!

Here is a video with all the tag details. I also have a video for the flower coming tomorrow!! For any further info about what I did or how, email me at CreativePzazz at Gmail dot com.

Did you lose count?

  • Cancer X 4 (with a death sentence of 6 month over 6 years ago)
  • Stroke x 3 (and still the same after all)
  • atrial fibrillation (basically killed by the defibrillator paddles 3 times)
  • Pace maker

Amazing, right? She is strong and it is all because of her faith in God. So, I dedicate my tag to her!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you enjoyed the video!



  1. Beautiful project, Leslie. May the Lord continue to bless your Mema for many years!

  2. Thank you so much! We are very blessed to have her!

  3. Really pretty tag! Love the vintage look! She seems like a very strong lady. Thanks for sharing. Love it!

    Don't forget about the blgoiversary month going on over at my blog thismonth. Grungeboard series starts on Monday!

  4. Your grandmother is an inspiration for everyone. Wish her good health and many more years of strength. Your tag is wonderful!!!


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