Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiny Mist Spray Bottles!

Yesterday I showed you some of the Tim Holtz goodies that I got recently. This afternoon, I found a tiny spray bottle in the backseat of the car. When I asked the girls about it, they told me it was from some hand sanitizer that we got at the dollar store. Sure enough, we got them 2 for $1! I was quite aggravated!!! But I was even more frustrated when I told my mom the story I am about to tell you, and she handed me a container that was just a bit larger!! FREE! She even has more!! Here's what happened…

See, I recently purchased the Tim Holtz "Mini Misters" from for $4.99 for a pack of 3. I looked everywhere for less expensive versions of these, but couldn't find them. Then today, a month after this purchase, I found this other tiny spray bottle that works the exact same way and cost less it hurts!!

You could go out an purchase several of the hand sanitizers in these cute tiny spray bottles, and either use them or empty the contents, then use them for your "Mini Misters"!

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Maybe you can benefit from my discovery! I will definitely be picking these up all along, so I will have a bottle for each color! Thanks for stopping by today! Have a blessed day!


p.s. I noticed that I have had 4 people stop following me or unsubscribing to my blog. I know that my recent posts have not been the most inspiring. I just ask that if you will give me a chance to get caught up, I guarantee that by May 1, I will be posting actual projects once more!          Thanks…Leslie


  1. I am curious about your discovery. I am hoping you so a side by side comparison. I am hopeful they are the same but I am hesitant only b/c the mini misters are specially designed to not get clogged! If those you have don't get clogged with perfect pearls I will definietely pick some up. I do get mine from Jenn, 3 for $3.50 or from Michaels with a coupon making them 3 for 2.50. Let me know! I recently picked up a re-inker for my briken china distress ink and made a blue/pearl mist with my perfect pearls. Love it! So much fun. If you haven't already, you should watch Tim Holtz' videos on his website under Demos. He is inspiring! Have fun mixing your misters!

  2. Leslie, Great tip...I will be going to my dollar store today to get these little gems!

    Linda H
    Sacramento, CA

  3. You can get mini misters in the travel section of Walmart or Target where they carry the travel sizes of toiletries. They have just the empty bottles. They are ususally 50 cents or a dollar. Don't worry about people who stop following you... people come and go 'cause that's just the way they are. It doesn't mean anything about what you are making or whether you are blogging. Thanks for your tips and ideas.

  4. Thanks Noreen! I have used these bottles to make Shimmer Mist using Stampin' Up! Shimmer Paint. They work great for that. However, I wanted to make my own Smooch spray using classic reinkers and alcohol. The bottles from Walmart clogged using this. These mini mister bottles, and now the FREE ones from the hand sanitizer (around $0.50 each), work great for this specific purpose. I can add a few drops of reinker, alcohol, and a tiny drop of shimmer paint for that shine. Works great! It makes such a FINE mist as compared to the travel ones from Walmart. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!! I appreciate them!

  5. This is such a good idea! Gotta try it!


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