Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tim Holtz Goodies!

Look at some of these AWESOME goodies I bought with some Christmas money I had. I shopped sales around the internet and got these things at GREAT prices! I can't remember the prices, sorry.

This first photo is of an 8x8 album that I got for $1.99! So, it is not Tim Holtz, but I did want to show it off!

a 042

Click on the photos for larger views!! This photo shows all the goodies. I will show each item in more detail in other photos.

 a 015

This photo shows Mini Misters. No sale here, they are $4.99 for 3. Wish I could find them cheaper. Mini Fasteners for $0.99.

a 016

Felt applicator tool, glossy accents, and blending solution. All purchased with a 40% off coupon. You can go through the check out three times, if you are really nice to the cashier of if you have a lot of items, and claim it is 3 orders! Shhh…

a 017 

Everything Tim Holtz was on sale on JoAnns.com. I got all the metal pieces from there. I plan to use them on mini albums. Philosophy tags. I saw Tim Holtz put white paint on them and then wipe it off. The white stays in the recessed spaces. It was cool like that too!

a 020 

Keys. They have great words on them too! I didn't get the keyholes. I just like the keys. It's ok to have a key with nothing to unlock, right?

a 021 

Swivel clasps. There are three sizes of these. Great for holding charms, etc. on an album.

a 022 

Cheeky clips from Memory Makers. So cute with stars, hearts, etc. cut out in them! I have a plan for these with a bookmark. Great Big Brads sorry I can't remember the brand. These are about 1 1/2" large!!

a 023

You can see my Paint dauber tops here. They fit regular craft paint bottles. I wanted a couple of these so I could have a bottle of cream, white, blue, and green paint ready to go for aging things. I know, that is not my normal style, but I have seen some really pretty things that were vintage, and I want to try! Also here you can see the skirt/pants hook and eyes. They were $0.99 for 6. I am going to try to make a ribbon closure for a mini album using these. Instead of connecting the two flaps of the pants, it will be two pieces of ribbon.

 a 024

While I was in the sewing notions, I picked up these awesome buttons.

a 025 

These are TH Word Sticks.

a 026 

D Rings, not from TH or a craft store, but from the sewing department! They don't open, but for my purposes, I don't need them too. I saw an awesome paper bag mini album that one of these sticking out of the binding to hold the ribbons, charms, etc. that are so pretty dangling from an album. Oh, and I got this awesome distressor tool from TH for $1.87.

a 028

There was more, but I had put most of it away where it belongs. These things from Tim Holtz are new to me. I don't have other items like them, so I will have to figure out a storage solution for them.

May 1 I will be showing some projects. I am ready to stamp and feel paper between my fingers again!!! I have finally gotten caught up with my products for the local gift  store. If you live near Opp, Alabama, stop by Southern Style and see my section of the store! I feel weird a bit, but when I heard that two of my boards were sold Saturday after lunch, I felt great! (They were only put out around lunch time!)

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  1. Hey! Don't you just LOVE his stuff??? I am so obsessed with him it is a bit crazy! You have tons of fun ahead of you. Also, when you run out check out Jenn at Liveteachcreate.com for some great projects.

  2. oops - I meant prices. She has good prices. Too funny! Anyway - I can't wait to see what you make!


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