Sunday, April 18, 2010

Major Announcement!

I have made some serious changes with my business recently. First, several of my products were picked up by a local store, so I am creating lots of the paintings and dancing tutu canvases, which is eating up TONS of my time. I have been busy with other orders too, such as another painting (the one that I lost the photos for), birthday party decorations and invitations, and some book orders too.

Also, I have taken a leave of absence as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, but will be back in full swing again as of September 1st. You can still place orders through me, I will still provide you with samples, ideas, and announcements regarding Stampin' Up! products, and I still have access to any customer service needs you may have. I will still be hosting workshops to teach you new and creative ideas for gifts, cards, and home decor! Basically, this leave of absence is only on paper and will NOT affect you in any way!

I am excited about all the opportunities that have come my way for my business, and I look forward to spreading my wings to create using "other" products for a while too. I am still loyal to Stampin' Up! because I believe in the quality of the products and the continuity in the colors.

While I won't go into great detail, I will explain this leave of absence this way: I must surround myself with positive people and enter into situations that will be a positive influence. This is not just a personal preference, but also a physical requirement with my MS. A more positive outlook does affect the level of disability that is exhibited with MS, plus stress can bring on flare-ups of symptoms.

Stampin' Up!'s mission statement is called its Statement of the Heart , which states, "To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments . . . in this we make a difference." Stampin' Up! also stresses adherence to the Golden Rule (As spoken by Jesus, "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise." Luke 6:31 KJV) for all business practices. Therefore, when certain circumstances, which were not in keeping with either philosophy of Stampin' Up! were brought to my attention, I decided a change was necessary to maintain positive situations. 

Changes may be happening behind the scenes, but you can still order Stampin' Up! from me and book workshops to learn fun new ideas. Plus, I am still your one-stop craft store for a complete line of color coordinated products! In Opp, I am your ONLY craft store!

I encourage you to continue to contact me with your Stampin' Up! product needs. I have direct access to sales and customer service, so there will be no disruption in your service, delivery, or product availability.
I thank you all for your support and continued patronage!
Leslie Jones…

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