Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Blog Header

Yesterday I showed you a blog header that I made using My Digital Studio. It is so simple to make things using My Digital Studio, that I am actually hooked!

I am giving you all the decision of which blog header to put up until the end of May, either the one from yesterday, which you can see if you scroll down to the next post, or this one.

Leave me a comment about which one you like the best!


Thanks for stopping by today!

Leslie Jones…


  1. Hi Leslie, I personally like yesterdays. Love the font (can you tell me which one it is?). I have MDS and love it even though I haven't been able to play with it as much as I would like. I can't wait to see which one you go with.

  2. Thanks!! I can't wait to change it out too! I love having MDS, so I can change up my blog banner as often as I want. I don't ever play very long with it either. Just when I am watching TV, etc. The font is Digs My Hart and I got it here
    Enjoy!! And thanks for visiting my site!

  3. I like the other one too! Though I think this design would make a pretty card. The pink one is just more friendly which is the right feeling for your blog!


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