Saturday, March 13, 2010

Punch Art Mouse: Before & After

OMG!!! (As my daughter says!) Yesterday's post was supposed to post today, and today's post was supposed to post yesterday! I got the dates all mess up!! Well, let's just say that the mouse referred to and shown in yesterday's post is explained in this post and video! Hope you enjoy!

Today's project is a Before & After using punches. Who is to say that an ornament punch has to be an ornament? Not Ellen Kemper! She is the punch art queen!! All Hail the Queen! I got the idea for this mouse from Ellen, and then took him in a direction that will embellish my project for tomorrow! Yes, you are 24 hours away from finding out what project actually started this whole series!! I am so excited, I can hardly wait!! But, I have to, because I am "trapped" into doing this series bit by bit.

punch mouseHave you figured out what tomorrow's project will be yet? I have been giving hints all week. (Editted to add: Of course, you have figured it out! It posted yesterday!)

Today I have a video showing you exactly how to make this super cute mouse! It uses several punches. If you do not have the punches, you can freehand cut out some shapes, or place an order with me for what you need! Just call or email me.

What the video does not show: (Sorry I am still very new at videos!)

  1. Me attaching the tail. Very simply, add a drop of glue to one end and press onto the back of the mouse.
  2. Using the Stampin' Write marker on the whisper white square to make i a "newspaper".
  3. Cutting the tooth. It is just a tiny rectangle of whisper white.
  4. Using a sponge dauber to add a bit of pink to his ears and cheeks. The sponge daubers are smaller than a regular sponge, so they work better in this situation.
  5. I did not add whiskers, but you could, just by drawing some in with the Black Stampin' Write Marker or by cutting VERY thin pieces of cardstock.

Thanks for stopping by today, you can check out the post that shows how I used this mouse here!


Products used in this project:

  • Wide Oval Punch
  • Small Oval Punch
  • Ornament Punch
  • 1 1/4" square punch
  • 1 1/2" circle punch
  • 3/4" circle punch
  • Heart to Heart punch
  • Sponge daubers
  • Stampin' Write Marker in Black


  1. That is the cutest mouse ever! I love that he is yawning! or singing! I see a bunch of mice on a card singing christmas carols. Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is one of the BEST tutorials I've seen! I can't believe you are new to this. I would have thought you had done hundreds. I also watched your mouse trap tutorial, and I want to thank you for walking us through both projects as if we were new to this. The time you took to explain and illustrate every step (even the inking of the mouse and inking the sides of the mouse trap) is very much appreciated by me. I am a little more than a newbie, but I learned a lot from both of your tutorials. THANK YOU!!


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