Saturday, March 27, 2010

FREE Transparencies

I am still continuing with Freebies that help you Be Green! To learn more ways to Be Green, click on Being Green in the categories to the right. I don't list the traditional ways to conserve, because you already know those! I show you ways you can conserve, while still doing the creative things you love to do!

Well, so they are not actually a complete transparency, these are set up for you to print onto transparencies. For a transparency, I supposed you could use the window sheets from Stampin' Up!, but I can't find any information directly about that, so far. If you are interested, contact me and I will find out for sure if it is possible! These images would also be great just printed on cardstock or patterned paper! How awesome would that be?!?

For each image, right-click and click Save Image As to save the file for your use. These are royalty free images (no copyright!), so enjoy and share!

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