Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 Tips to find FREEBIES!

No pics today. I know you love pictures… but maybe the tips will make up for it!

  1. Are you a "hoarder"? I am guilty of being a supply hoarder. I will get different things that I love and want to put on a project, but the extras, I will "save" for that special project that for some reason never comes up. The next time you start to go to a craft store, stop! Check out the supplies you have at home! You may have forgotten about what you already have! Of course, adding a new Stampin' Up! product or two and using what you have is even better!! You get something new and get to use something you already have!
  2. Get free tips from me! I blog every day. If you ever have a question about a product, technique, or organization need, just email me or leave a comment and I will research it and make a tutorial or video for you! It is my job! And I love it!
  3. Take advantage of Sale-a-bration with Stampin' Up! You can get FREE stamp sets, paper, and punches just by ordering $50 or more! Time is running out for 2010; you must order by March 30th! Contact me today!!
  4. Think about recycling items! Recycle card board boxes into magazine holders. Save magnets from the mail to add to the back of a small project. Use envelopes for a mini album! For more recycling ideas, check out my posts in te Being Green category in the right panel.
  5. Check yard sales for items you can craft with. Can that sweater be turned into a handbag? Are there nice buttons on that shirt? Sometimes even stamps, paper, and other craft supplies are there.
  6. Check Craigslist, FREEBIE papers, PennySaver papers, and other free publications. too! There are plenty of sources of craft products there, plus I have found some great deals on storage and organization products on Craigslist! Don't limit yourself to your city on Craigslist. If you find something you want in another city, you could work out a deal with the owner for shipping or possibly meeting you halfway!
  7. Search for free layouts, card sketches, images, etc. online! I provided you with several FREE papers or transparencies that I found online. Again, click Being Green category in the right panel.
  8. Use books from your library for inspiration! The library is full of art books, scrapbooking books, craft books, etc. And guess what? They are all FREE! Unless you return them late! LOL
  9. Gather friends and have a SWAP. You can also find swaps online. In some swaps, you trade cards, scrapbook pages, or even supplies. Some supply swaps are based on color. For example, you trade your red items for another person's green items. If you are in a group swap, then you could end up with a rainbow of supplies! Mind that you will have to give up some of your own, but you can get so much too!
  10. You can also check out Blog Candy for different blogs! Click blog candy in the right panel and see the things I have given away before, but you will also see a Blog Candy event that even you can win!

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