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Fabric & Your Big Shot: Questions

The series on Fabric & Your Big Shot that I have been posting about over the past few days has been extended by one more day! Here are the answers to some common questions that people have about using fabrics and their Big Shot!

What materials will the Big Shot cut? (Note: this list is suggested for Originals, Bigz, and Bigz XL. If in doubt, call or email me!)

  • Thick corkboard
  • Thick chipboard (59 mil)
  • Colored magnet
  • Ruffle board
  • Paper wood
  • Balsa wood (3/32”)
  • Bass wood (1/16”)
  • Metal mesh
  • Aluminum (.016) The inside of a soda can will work. Check out a video on using this metal later this week.
  • Tin (.008)
  • Adhesive and non adhesive mat board
  • Drawer liner
  • Shelf liner
  • Vinyl
  • Static cling vinyl
  • Shrink film
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Clear acetate (20 mil)
  • Vellum
  • Card stock
  • Patterned paper
  • Flocked paper
  • Contact paper
  • Textured paper
  • Metallic paper
  • Linen paper
  • Suede paper
  • Embossed metallic paper
  • Basketball embossed paper
  • Faux alligator textured paper
  • Self-adhesive glitter paper
  • Fabric
  • Canvas
  • Iron-on fabric
  • Soft plush fabric
  • Burlap
  • Velvet
  • Corduroy
  • Lace
  • Heavyweight denim
  • Terry cloth
  • Funky fur
  • Thin leather
  • Quilt batting
  • Warm & natural batting
  • Fusible fleece
  • Self-adhesive craft metal
  • Self-adhesive cork
  • Self-adhesive foam
  • Self-adhesive magnet
  • Self-adhesive felt
  • Adhesive and nonadhesive rubber
  • Pop up sponge
  • Poly foam
  • 100% pure beeswax (cut with parchment paper on top & bottom of beeswax)
  • Tip: If you can cut it with your Craft and Rubber Scissors from Stampin' Up!, then the Big Shot will cut it too!

Can I cut more than one piece of fabric at once?

Yes…If you are cutting a thin fabric, such as cotton, you can cut up to 8 layers at one time! However, if you are cutting a thick fabric, such as faux fur, then you can only cut 1 layer at a time!

Sometimes you may to add a shim when you are cutting fabric. If it is a thick fabric, you won't. If you are cutting only 1 or 2 layers of a thin fabric, you will need to add a piece of cardstock or thin chipboard on top of the cutting mat. Tip: Save the piece of thin chipboard that comes with the Big Shot dies for using as a shim too!

Will dies that have score lines damage the fabric?

Not necessarily. The suggestion is to use only one or two layers of fabric at a time with these sorts of dies. You may still see a slight distressing of the fabric where the score line would be, but it will not be permanent. If you use more layers, then the score lines may tear more delicate fabrics like cotton.

Will fabric damage my Big Shot dies?

Not at all. Fabric will not damage or dull your dies any more than paper will. My suggestion is to brush off the excess lint and thread off the top of the die, just to prevent the possibility of build up within the die.

Can I buy fabric from Stampin' Up!?

Not at this time. There are so many craft products out in the crafting world that there really is no way that Stampin' Up! can carry everything for everybody. Don't forget the paper, ribbon, buttons, and other embellishments that Stampin' Up! carries that can accentuate your project!

How can I use fabric, if I do not sew or have a sewing machine?

There are many ways. For example, if you are making a pin, barrette, or hair accessory, use a dab of hot glue, fabric glue, or Stampin' Up!'s 3D glue dots to attach layers of fabric together. To create an appliqué effect, use fusible web or other iron-on adhesive. You can even hand stitch a couple of pieces of fabric together without any experience in sewing technique!

Fusible Who?

Fusible web is a product that has many different names. In a fabric store you will ask for an iron-on adhesive product that will hold 2 pieces of fabric together. Now I am sure there is a more technical or accurate description, but this is what I know and how I ask for it. It comes in yardages, just like the fabric. You lay it rough side down (paper side up) on the back of the fabric you want it to attach to, then iron it on for a few seconds. The length of time depends on the specific product you are using. Once it is cooled, peel off the paper backing and place the glue side to the next piece of fabric you want attached. It makes a glue sandwich. Iron again for a few seconds. It is that easy! It works great for appliques! Create the fabric and glue sandwich before you cut the shape with the Big Shot. This will make it much easier than having to line up those shapes.

What if I do have a sewing machine, but I don't know how to sew?

Most of the projects that use the Big Shot will only involve straight line sewing using a standard stitch. There is no specialty knowledge required. I can't sew, but even I can do these projects! Give it a chance!

Charm packs, layer cakes, and fat quarters…No, these are not Jenny Craig meal plans!

These are quilting terms used for packages of fabrics. These fabrics are generally color coordinated and contain many patterns. Charm packs are 5 x 5" squares of different fabrics. Layer cakes are 10 x 10" squares. Fat quarters are 18" x 22" pieces of fabric. Usually these are economical ways to get several different fabrics.

Is the Big Shot a versatile tool to use with fabric crafts?

Most certainly! Check out my series of posts from this week on Fabric & Your Big Shot. Click here to learn more. There are so many different ideas that you can use! If you are already a seamstress, who loves to sew outfits for your little girl, imagine having a matching ponytail, headband, barrette, or embellishment for each outfit! For your boys, create shirts for every day of the week for less than a discount store shirt!

I don't sew clothes or wear pins or hair accessories. What is in it for me?

Consider home decor! Everything you can do for clothes and wearables, you can do as a home decor element. See the series of posts from this week giving you even more ideas! Click here to learn more.

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