Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!!

NOTE: This post will serve as my post for Saturday. If you didn't know, I write all my posts at night, then schedule them to post the following morning. Because of the special circumstances of this post, I am posting live now. Also, this post contains a lot of photos and a video. I apologize if it takes a long time to load for you. The video is of my family playing in the snow. It is raw, has noises, and poor quality at times, just like us!!

Today was a complete SNOW DAY for us!! I did no crafting or craft research today because I was taking pictures and having fun with my girls!! We got around 4.5" of snow, and we all were like kids in a candy store! We've all been up since before 7am, and we are all still hyper at 8:30pm!

AM17am…snow just started, the girls couldn't wait. They are making a snowman, and then made a snow angel!

WHY?? You see, snow is rare in south Alabama. Really rare. The last snow we had was in 1993, seventeen years ago, and the snow before that was in 1973, a 20 year span. Some of you live in areas, such as New Hampshire, where snow is the norm, and is viewed as a nuisance at times. Here snow is such a big, exciting deal, and we LOVE the mess, the blocked roads, and being out of school!! Whoo-hoo!

SM1 7:30am…First snowman. 8" high.

dogs 9am… Bogey and Birdie loved the snow!!

later 10am…all the footprints are covered again!

sbfight 10am… Andy and the girls having their first snowball fight!

midday1 11am… 3" of snow. This is Mallory (BFF) and Megan (right), my oldest daughter.

11am… Meg making a snowman.

midday4 11am… Syd, my youngest, making her own snowman.

11am… Andy helping Meg. There were as many leaves in this snowman as there were snowflakes!

moms 1pm… my mom's house.

tims1pm…Uncle Tim's house. BJ1pm…Betty Jean's house.

gaffords1pm…Gafford's house. house1pm… my house from Highway.

memas1pm… Mema's house. pansies1pm… Mema's pansies. pines1pm… Beautiful pines.

big snowman 2pm…Final snowman of the day.

The video is a compilation of all video taken during the day. It is chronological, so you can see the progression of the snow. It ends when my oldest daughter falls down the concrete steps. She is fine, but has a bad bruise on her back. In all our hyperactivity of the day, it was bound to happen.

Hope you enjoyed the photos today. Maybe those of you in Cali, Arizona, and Tampa can look at them and be jealous live vicariously through us! To leave a comment, please click comments under my signature, and you can type in your comment.

Thanks, Leslie


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  1. Thank you for reminding me how lucky we are in NH! I forget sometimes that most don't have white Christmas's and snowball fights. Though the scrapping of the windshield is somthing I could do without - it is nice to be reminded of those things we take for granted sometimes! You should make a snow mini album or scrapbook page!!! I am glad you got to play in the snow! I can always ship you some more if you miss it!


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