Friday, February 26, 2010

Ribbon Storage Ideas!

From time to time, I will research organization ideas for various supplies used in crafting. Today, I will show you some organization ideas for ribbon!

This first idea uses the tags that ties and belts come on. They are then hung from a ribbon roll rack. You could probably hang them from a dowel suspended from a shelf using cup hooks too.

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This next idea is the particular method that I chose to organize my ribbons on spools. These are rain gutters. You buy one 8 foot rain gutter for around $7.00 then use a saw to cut it to the lengths you desire. You will find caps for the ends of the gutters at the home improvement store too for around $2.00 each. I used screws to attach these directly to my wall. You could also drill a few holes and hang the gutters from nails in your wall. You can store several different sizes of ribbon rolls in these gutters! Check out my craft room for another look at my ribbon rain gutters!


This next organization idea uses zip lock bags of ribbon hung on a binder ring then hung on a nail on the wall. Grouping the bags of ribbon into color groups makes this method appear less chaotic. Another tip is to create either a row or orderly block of nails to hang these on, such as the way they are in the photo.


Stampin’ Up! has some fantastic ribbon holders to help you keep everything organized!! They come in 2 sizes and will hold every size roll of ribbon that Stampin’ Up! sells. Ribbon spools stay nice and organized in these Ribbon Keepers. There are spacers for times when you have just a few spools to keep them from falling over. Also, ribbons will roll off the spools neatly without falling or pulling rolls next to it. Also, note that they are stackable saving precious space!


107634 Small Ribbon Keeper (2) $11.95
107635 Medium Ribbon Keeper (2) $15.95
107636 Large Ribbon Keeper (2) $18.95

Call or email me to place an order today!signature

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  1. GREAT ideas for storage - one can never have too much ribbon! ;-)


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