Monday, February 15, 2010

Need some CASH?


Do you like to scrapbook, make cards or gifts, or create your own home decor? Do you like getting discounts on your craft supplies? Have you ever thought about working for yourself either full-time, part-time or sometimes? Do you need extra money in your pocket? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join my team and become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!

Get your Starter Kit today for only $169 (regular $199) filled with $335 worth of products! You can even pick the products you want in the kit! Earn a FREE stamp set just for signing up! AND get a great handmade gift from me for joining my team! For more information click on the NEED SOME CASH button in the right column.


Excuse #1 I'm not creative enough: You don't have to be! Stampin' Up! has plenty of ideas for you! You can find ideas on the Demonstrator Website, Stampin' Connection (a forum for demonstrators), Stampin' Up! videos, and Stampin' Success magazine. That's not enough? There are thousands of demonstrators out there that have their own blog where they post projects they have made. There are thousands of videos on YouTube too that are all using Stampin' Up! products! You can even check out my blog for daily inspiration!

Excuse #2 I'm not a salesperson: Neither am I. I just love making beautiful gifts, cards, and scrapbooks. The selling is done by the products. They are fantastic products, and your projects will help sell them. Just tell your friends what you are making; trust me, they will want to know more!

Excuse #3 I'm not good at business: Just as Stampin' Up! demonstrators provide their customers with one-stop shopping and individualized service, Stampin' Up! provides its demonstrators with the opportunity to pursue their individual goals whether those goals are to enjoy a hobby, build a thriving business, or contribute to family income while spending more time at home. Whether you'd like to earn money to pay for your stamping supplies, create a full or part-time career, or simply get a discount on your stamping supplies, Stampin' Up! will help you do it.

Excuse #4 I don't have time to do anything: You really do. It doesn't take long. Your first card may take you an hour or two, but after you have made a couple, you can make a card in 5 minutes! I have been rushing out the door to a birthday party only to realize I didn't have a gift. I was able to make a card and stick in some money in less than 5 minutes! It really is simple. You will find that you can squeeze in some time at night, while the kids are napping, while you are waiting for the clothes to dry, etc. There is time in your week. Once you start creating, you will look for more time. It is therapeutic! It calms me, gets my mind off the stresses of the day!

Excuse #5 I don't know anybody else that does crafts: You don't have to!! You will find them. Here are my 10 ways to find customers:

  1. Host an Open House and invite your friends and family. Let them know what you are doing.
  2. Have samples to show them and invite them to host a demonstration (party). They will because they are your friends. If they don't, then ask them to! They are your friends, ask for the favor from at least 2 of them. You will see that when they invite 10-15 people, at least one of them will be interested in hosting a demonstration too! The ball keeps rolling that way.
  3. Make an incentive for booking a workshop. If there are no bookings and the workshop is winding down, have a "prize", or handmade gift, available and offer it to the first person to book a workshop! I usually take 2 and offer it to the first two that book, and I only use this technique if I haven't gotten any bookings. You could also use a drawing system. Everyone who books gets their name in the hat to win the free gift!
  4. Host a blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and/or website. You can find customers online. I did. Posting a picture on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter takes just seconds!! As you build a clientele, you might want to add a blog or website where you post photos and instructions for projects. You should also invest in a DBWS (your Stampin' Up! business website or store, where your customers can order online in their pj's!)
  5. Make a few small samples for your purse. (You might need to carry a bigger purse.) I carry a couple of pairs of earrings, a flower barrette, a business card holder, a small gift bag, and a card.
  6. Use your samples when you are waiting in the doctor's office, at the dentist, at the nail salon, at the hairdresser's, or in the carpool line, and you can take the opportunity to talk to people about Stampin' Up! Even if you can't "cold call" people and just start talking about what you do, there are tricks to let the conversation start itself! For example, many people will carry with them something to stamp or color with markers or take a small project to work on. I carry these small projects listed in #5 and then pull them out and mess with them as if I am trying to get a "gift" prepared. Someone will ask you about the items, such as, "Where did you get that?" This opens the door so you can then talk about Stampin' Up! products. Tell them about an upcoming Open House and how you would love to invite them. Tell them about the benefits of hosting their own demonstration. Don't forget to give them your business card!
  7. You also need to carry a mini catalog (I keep 2 Idea Book and Catalogs in the car just in case) and business cards.
  8. Your business cards need your name, phone number, and email so people can get in touch with you to host a demonstration or to place an order.
  9. I have been known to pretend that I have a disorganized purse and can't find my credit card, and pull a project or two out of my purse and lay it on the grocery counter. Usually when there is nobody behind me (or maybe only another person or two). I continue "looking", and the cashier will usually comment about the projects. That is the start. I will then find my card, and start talking about Stampin' Up! I sold some items to a cashier two aisles down from my cashier once, just because my cashier and I were talking about it!
  10. Always be prepared. You will never know who or when someone will come up and say, "I heard you were doing some craft projects. What do you do, and can I learn how?"

10 reasons for you to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

  1. Get ideas for handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and home decor projects. Sources: Stampin' Connection, Demonstrator Website, Stampin' Success monthly magazine, Stampin' Up! videos, and more!
  2. Learn new, artistic stamping techniques on a monthly basis from Stampin' Success magazine
  3. Gain first access to popular product lines and exclusive, award-winning designs. Stampin' Up! is the #1 rubber stamp company in the world.
  4. Get a 20 percent discount on Stampin' Up! products. You can even get more as you sell more!
  5. Be your own boss, and establish a flexible business that meets your goals. If you don't want to work this week, then don't! If you want to work 7 days a week, you can do that too! You are the boss! Do you want to get off work early, ask yourself!
  6. Spend more time with family when you work from home with a schedule that fits you and your family.
  7. Be eligible to attend Stampin' Up!'s fabulous conferences and events.
  8. Earn free exotic trips (like cruises and vacations) and other recognition (like free rubber stamps, cash awards, and other valuable prizes).
  9. Meet new friends and enrich lives while sharing what you love.
  10. Receive support and training from Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website, Stampin' Connection, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator support, Stampin' Up! videos, and Stampin' Success magazine.

BENEFITS: Stampin' Up! demonstrators enjoy the advantages of owning their own home-based business distributing rubber stamps and accessories for handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and home decor projects. With a fun product line and flexible schedule, you’ll earn additional income, be able to attend Stampin’ Up!’s incredible conferences and events, and get monthly training and ideas in our cutting-edge magazine available only to Stampin' Up! demonstrators.

Demonstrators have the freedom to build their business to whatever size fits, and reap the rewards of good business practices with a 20 percent (or more!) discount on Stampin’ Up! products. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to earn rewards such as free rubber stamps and product as well as incentive trips as you build new and lasting relationships with others. You get all this while sharing what you love--rubber stamping!

Still not convinced? Or are you ready to jump right in? Call or email me, and we can talk more! If I can do it, I KNOW you can do it!!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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