Friday, February 19, 2010

A Masculine Valentine's Card

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Masculine cards… where is the inspiration? Well, as soon as I saw the diamond pattern on the Texturz Templates #1 for the Big Shot, I thought that it reminded me of Tread-plate. (You know that metal that men like on their tool boxes.)

Then low and behold I came across a website where a lady made a tool box using this texture plate and a soda can!! Now I haven't even tried to make the tool box yet, because I want to save it for Father's Day gifts, so you can come back to see that.

I will film a video on how to cut the soda can if you want (comment or email me to let me know if you want this video or not), but basically I used wire cutters to cut through the edge of the clean soda can. I then used my Craft and Rubber Scissors to cut the top and bottom off. Basically you cut straight down then you cut the top part off and then the bottom part. The Craft and Rubber Scissors make the edges not-so-sharp, but you should be careful anyway. I have no use for the top or bottom of the can yet, but the bottom of the can really looks promising. Perhaps you will see it in a future project too!

After you have cut out the center of the can, you are left with a sheet of metal. It will try to roll up on you, but that is ok. If you try to reverse roll it, you will either (a)cut yourself, (b)put a crease in the metal, or (c)all of the above. Learn from my mistakes people. Now, place the metal printed side down on the texturz plate. I taped mine down using removable scotch tape to make it lie flat. Run it through the Big Shot as directed on the multi-purpose platform.

It comes out like this (these photos are after I trimmed it to size):

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I cut it to the size I needed and used it just as I would cardstock. Punch it, pierce it, tape it, glue it, or fold it.

For the card:

  1. Cut a 3 x 3" piece of Whisper White and stamp a tool from the Totally Tool stamp set.
  2. Use the Ticket Corner Punch to punch the corners. Hot Tip: Use the Crop-a-dile to punch off the corners of the Whisper White Cardstock if you do not have a Ticket Corner Punch!
  3. Cut a piece of Real Red cardstock at 3.5 x 3.5" and attach the stamped image to it.
  4. Add a Silver brad to each corner.
  5. Cut a piece of the textured metal at 3.5 x 4". You will need to use your Craft blade or your Craft and Rubber Scissors to do this. Your paper cutter will not work.
  6. Attach the metal to the card using SNAIL. Then attach the real red piece on top.
  7. I stamped another image at the bottom of the card, just because I thought it needed something. On second thought, I would have cut the metal to fit the entire front and centered the red piece. Hindsight is 20-20. I'll remember it for Father's Day. (I am sure this style card will re-appear frequently!)

You don't have a Big Shot yet? Well, I have a bundle for you! You can customize the bundle with dies that you want and get a special price only available from me! Contact me today!

Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forget to email or comment to let me know if you want to see a video on how to cut the can and make the texture!


Page Number Item Price
66 113256 Totally Tool $17.95
155 100730 Whisper White cardstock 8.5 x 11" $7.50
156 102482 Real Red cardstock 8.5 x 11" $5.50
155 101179 Basic Black Ink $5.95
179 104336 Silver Brads $6.95
194 113439 Big Shot Die Cut Machine $99.95*
194 114614 Texurz Impressions Pad $5.95*
195 114512 Backgrounds 1 Texturz Plates $11.95
* denotes included in bundle price only available from me. Email or comment for more information.


  1. Great card! Love soda can with the texture plate!! Very fun!

  2. I love the texture idea and look!


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