Monday, January 25, 2010

Stampin' Up! Best Business Practices

Here is something to try if you are a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and want more bookings and sales.
I have read that carrying a card or two or taking along some things to color, stamp, etc. in your purse for when you are waiting at the doctor, dentist, etc. Well, stamping was too bulky for me to take along and cards just didn't get the reception that I would have liked. Last week, I decided to try something different. If you are not a demonstrator, and you are a crafter selling your wares, these ideas could work for you too! Through out the week I will be showing photos and instructions for each item, so please visit daily. Leave a comment or two also!
Hot Tip: Carry small 3D projects that you have made with your Stampin' Up! products that can entice crafters of all types! Here is what I carry:
  • A fancy favor bag that has been stamped with a tag and ribbon. This showcases your stamps and coordinating cardstock and ribbon, plus the dimensionals. This one is optional. Sometimes it too difficult to keep it from being smashed in my purse, so I won't carry it. #2 covers the same products.
  • A post it note holder of some kind. This can showcase stamping, dimensionals, and coordinated ribbon too. Also remember that these are perfect teacher or secret pal gifts, as many people are looking for those items.
  • A pair of earrings or two. Not just any earrings, but earrings that showcase accessories and elements from Stampin' Up! I will post photos and instructions on several types of earrings that you can make with some earring wires, jump rings, and Stampin' Up! products over the course of the week. You will attract jewelry enthusiasts and open up ideas for other crafters.
  • A small 4x4 tile. This can be a stamped tile or one with home decor elements on it. I chose decor elements to show another type of product Stampin' Up! has. I can always mention that you can stamp on them too.
  • I include a couple of barrettes. I have daughters, so this is not so strange. You could always claim these are for a niece. Again, these are the metal clip style barrettes that I punch a hole with the Crop-a-dile and put on items from the Pretties Kit or other accents and elements that Stampin' Up! offers.
  • I have plans to add a mini-album in a tin, but each one that I make gets sold or used by someone else!! I'll have to try again!
  • Finally, soon I will make a Big Shot purse. When I make it, I will use it and explain that it was made with the Big Shot and Stampin' Up! accents!
How do you implement these "props"? Well, I have used them once. I was waiting in the hair dresser's shop for my girls and I to get our hair cut. There were just a couple of other ladies in the shop, but I thought I would try out my idea. I pulled out the earrings, barrettes, and tile and began scrounging around in my purse, as if I was looking for something. This immediately draws attention to the items. As soon as the oohs and aahhs start, so did I. All I did was just describe how I made the items. I didn't have a "sales pitch". I let the products speak for themselves. The only thing I did was mention that they could each do the same thing, and if they booked a workshop I could show them how.

The results? I used this technique in one single instance. One appointment one day. (Well, I did do the same thing the next day at the dentist, but my audience was only an elderly lady and her husband. I don't think she was quite aware of what was going on.) Out of a total of 6 people I had contact with, only one didn't seem very interested. I booked two workshops, and possibly another. Since, I have had 3 calls. Yes, three calls to me!! Two of them were to ask more about being a demonstrator. These are HOT prospects. The third was to book a workshop for her sister (this was the lady who was un-interested)! Plus, I had two ladies purchase the 09-10 IB&Catty on the spot. Then two of the ladies (actually the hair dressers themselves) made a combined total order of $550!

If you want to order a catalog too, it is $10 and I can deliver or mail one tomorrow!

I hope this inspires you in your own business or crafting. Leave me a comment!
Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. What great ideas! I always wondered how you would approach someone without it seeming too pushy! This is a great way for them to approach you! Great tips!


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