Thursday, January 21, 2010

Space Saving Ideas!!

Today I will share with you some space saving ideas! Today's Hot Tip: Buy space saving products!! Thanks to Stampin' Up! for the best space-saving ideas I have seen in a long time!

The first photo is of the NEW collapsible punches! This new design folds flat for storage. Notice that how much extra space you will have!

The second photo is of the NEW unmounted stamps! You can save 50% of the space with the new stamps! These are the same high quality stamps that we are used to with Stampin' Up!, but they are used on an acrylic block, so we can see where we are stamping! Also, these are stored in DVD cases, making the storage MUCH smaller!

Call today to place your order! Plus, order $50 or more and you will get FREE stamps!
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  1. Leslie

    You visited my blog via SU connections. Thanks for the compliment. Your blog looks great! I love all the ideas you have and your creativity rocks. I will try to post the information on how I did my background on SU Connections. I am not an expert, just trial and error, and a lot of that for sure. :) I will be stopping by again. Thanks. and Good Luck.


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