Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Easy Gift filled with Hot Tips!

Aren't there times when you realize that you forgot to buy a gift for a friend or for a birthday party and the stores are closed? How about making a gift? I made this gift in less than 30 minutes. The gift inside is only half of the gift!

Here are the steps:
  1. Get a container large enough to hold your gift. Hot Tip: I used a clean icing container for this gift. Check out other containers before you throw them away. Pringles cans are great for T-Shirts, just be sure you clean it well first.
  2. Cut a piece of cardstock wide and long enough to cover the bottom of the can. Hot Tip: I measure the length by wrapping a piece of ribbon around the can. I used a ruler to measure the height of the can. Hold the spot where the ribbon meets then let the ribbon lay flat. Measure to the point where the ribbon met and this is the circumference of the can! Easy Peasy.
  3. The can top was already red, so I just played off this for the color scheme. Plus, it was a Christmas gift. Hot Tip: If you don't like the color of the container's top, put a band of ribbon around the edge and make sure your circle on the top completely covers the top. I left a bit of red lid showing on mine.
  4. Stamp and ink the edges of the cardstock. Hot Tip: I used one stamp repeatedly all over the cardstock. I double stamped it. I stamped once in the regular ink, then I stamped again in another location, which came out much lighter. This is a great idea for creating any background paper on the cheap!
  5. I used 2 ribbons around the center of the can. First, I used a wider ribbon, then the more narrow red ribbon. Hot Tip: Ribbon can be expensive to purchase, but when you figure how much it costs to create a project using ribbon, you will realize that it is a small amount of money that creates a HUGE impact!
  6. There are three different tags on the ribbon, attached by a brad. Hot Tip: Don't be afraid to double up tags. It really draws attention to your gift! Hand cut stamps that relate to your gift, or punch out simple shapes, stamp a greeting, and sign a blank one.
  7. Finally, I made the top section. I used the Circle Scissors to cut a circle big enough for the top, then inked it. I then punched out a 1 3/4" circle (I could have cut this with the Circle Scissors too). I finished the project with a Snowflake punch I put on dimensionals. Hot Tip: If you don't have a circle cutter, use a jar, plate, can, or anything round that you can trace a circle with, then cut the circle out with your scissors.
  8. What to fill it with for a very quick gift? Well, this particular can I filled with cookies for a friend. You could also add small inspirational quotes or Bible scripture that you spend just minutes looking up online, then print them on cardstock and cut them into strips. Make them even nicer by inking the edges or putting a small stamp next to each quote. If the gift is for a little child? Dump a box of crayons into the can and print out several coloring pages from the Internet that you make a cardstock, stamped cover for.
Even for a last minute/you completely forgot gift, this works great, and the receiver will think you spent a ton of time and money!! Thanks for stopping by today. Stampin' Up! has some great sales going on at this time! Contact me to book a party!

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  1. I am so happy I was the recipient of this beautiful canister. I have since put it away with all my holiday stuff but I will definitely pull it out again next year for decoration! Thank you again for the blog candy and for taking the time to make something so pretty! Love it! I will be posting a video soon on my blog candy. A little late but still great right?


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