Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Camera! and Hot Tips!

I got a new camera for Christmas from my parents. I wanted a Kodak because I wouldn't have to change out software on my computer. Wally World didn't have the Kodak I wanted in stock, so I got the Samsung 10.2MP with 5X Optical Zoom. I researched ahead of time and found out that it is the optical zoom that you want to be a higher number. Of course, I also found that the best camera is the DSLR- way too expensive for my budget. I wanted 12MP, but couldn't afford it either. My old camera was a Kodak 5.1 MP 3x Optical zoom.

The photos of the cameras: the Silver camera is the Kodak 5.1MP, 3x Optical Zoom with the photo taken with my new camera (black) and the Black camera (sorry about the pix, I tried to get a good photo of it) is the Samsung 10.2 MP with 5x Optical Zoom with the photo taken with my old camera (silver). Was that clear as mud? Notice that the photo taken with the NEW camera is blurry. I was scrolling through the menu and accidentally changed some setting I'm not supposed to I have to read the directions... Maybe I should have done that first!!

Today's Hot Tip: Using Your Punches!
  • Turn your punch upside down so you can line up the punch to the specific spot you want it!
  • Sharpen your small punches by punching it in tin foil several times, or fold the tin foil over a couple of times to speed up the process.
  • The tin foil may not be enough for larger punches. Cut the top and bottom off a soda can (be extra careful this is VERY sharp). Use the large piece of metal from the center of the can to punch with the large punches to sharpen them.
  • Save those pieces you punched from the soda can! Use them silver side up or colored side up as a modern accent to your card or mini album. Hammer edges (or rub with a bone folder) flat. Also, be midful not to place a photo directly across from this embellishment to prevent scratching the photo.
  • If the punches are sharpened, but still seem to be sticking, punch waxed paper several times to lubricate it!
  • Create a long slot for a gift card or tag to pull out of by punching the Word Window Punch or any Square punch a couple of times overlapping the punched area slightly each time.
  • Make a mini folded gift card by, first, folding a piece of cardstock. Use any of the following punches: 1 3/8 square, Wide Oval, Designer Label, Curly Label, or Large Tag. Slide tag over folded edge of cardstock and line up folded edge with edge of punch without the fold going into the cut area. Punch the shape, and you are left with a folded shaped card. Add it to a mini album for a small journaling spot too.
  • Finally, use the negative space (the hole) left in the cardstock as a window on a card or as a stencil to sponge ink or rub chalk onto another cardstock piece. Stamp a greeting or image into the space of the stencil or window. Super cute!

Thanks for stopping by today. Remember Jan. 5th is when the sale starts for the Occasions Mini Catalog and SALE-abration FREE stamps!! Call or email me to place an order!

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