Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glass Tile Gift

Today is Part 3 of Best Business Practices for Stampin' Up! All week we will be looking at projects that help with my new plan!
Today's project uses a Glass Tile from a home improvement store. This one is 4x4". It was so beautiful; I just knew I could do something with it.
Since it will be a sample for my purse, I decided not to stamp on it and instead to use a home decor element on it. You could even cut your own design from our sheets of home decor vinyl!

Tiles are great for putting notes, menus, or appointments on. Just get a size large enough for the note and a home decor element and use a dry erase marker! quick and easy organizational tool or gift!

Hot Tip: Have you ever accidentally burnished your home decor element onto the wrong sheet? I did. The one shown here was burnished onto the adhesive sheet. Basically, the sticky side of the vinyl pieces was stuck to the sticky sheet that you are supposed to pull off. I obviously wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Anyway, I thought that maybe I could save it. Well, here it is! I peeled each piece off using tweezers and placed it where I wanted it. then I laid the transfer paper over the top and burnished it again with the applicator, just as you would normally. It turned out great. Don't throw those decor elements away! You can save them!

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  1. Great tip - the tile is pretty. I do have to say that I think ach decor element should come with the tool needed to apply it!


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