Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hot Tip! Using adhesive!

How about a gift from me to you? Today's gift is some money saving tips! Check out these Hot Tips about using adhesive! Click on any photo to enlarge it!

Here are some common tips that crafters assume that everyone knows.
(1) When using Stampin' Dimensionals, save the straight pieces on the edges of the sheet. Cut them and use them just as you would a regular Dimensional!
(2) When making a shadow box or shaker box frame where you need the top frame window to sit up from the base paper, use long strips of the edges of the Dimensional sheet. This will create a seal keeping your shaker material inside your box.
(3) You can see most adhesive when you use vellum, so try to hide it behind another element!
(4)Cut Sticky Strip down the middle creating a 1/8" length of stickiness!
(a)This thinner strip is easier to flex, so you can use it to make free form swirls and shapes that you can sprinkle glitter onto!
(b) Sticky strip is important to use when a project is going to be handled a lot, such as on 3D projects, boxes, bags, and cards that move. Use the thinner strip of sticky strip and save money!!
(5) Money saving tip for SNAIL adhesive: It only takes approximately 1" of adhesive on each corner to secure paper to paper.
(6) Michelle-Frost Stevenson reminds us that the easiest way to get the backing off a Dimensional is to press your fingernail into the center. (See photo)
(7) Finally, when applying SNAIL or any adhesive to a small piece of paper, place the small piece of paper on the shiny side of the backing paper from the Dimensionals sheet. It is a perfect place for the "extra" adhesive that doesn't make it onto your piece of paper. Now there will be no adhesive on your table top, and you won't have to use scrap paper! Thanks Jessica Taylor for this great tip!

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