Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paint or glue storage

I found a great storage product to show you! I dabble in painting some wall art for children or home decor, so I have quite a few bottles of paint. This storage system would be great for paint. The designer/builder of this unit suggest using it for Stickles and other glitter glues. For it to work with paint bottles, the holes would have to be larger, making it hold less, but it would neatly hold all the bottles of paint upside down keeping them fresh longer! The site is only one page with ordering information for this one product, but IMHO, this storage unit is a "Good Thing". I wonder if my hubby would make one for me. The construction looks simple enough. A box with holes in the top to accomodate the tops of the bottles you plan to store and with the side left open to slide in a second tray of bottles. I'll post photos if I can ever sweet talk my hubs into it.
Thanks for stopping by!
BTW It is not looking too good for me to make a Father's Day gift this year. I've been moving and swapping my craft room and the girls' media room (see this post), and I think I have injured my back. Tick Tock... maybe I should look for some less involved FD crafts.

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