Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Father's Day Craft Ideas

Oh, Boy! Hmm... maybe that should be Oh, Dad! I have looked for unique father's day crafts to make as a gift for my hubby. He is a wonderful father and superb hubby. He is always building something or welding something. His latest endeavor was to build a Grill/Smoker from a 250 gallon Propane tank. It is huge! I will post pictures one day. It is one its way to cook 350 Boston Butts (Pork Shoulders) as a benefit for a guy he works with whose wife has had sever medical problems (other grills will be involved.)

So back to the point of the post. I have found two awesome crafts by two very creative women. First, Lori McCroskey, who designs Clearly Dollar Stamps, has a great treadplate-looking toolbox made from cardstock and embossing powder. Check it out here. The detailed photos Lori provides are so great, she leaves nothing to chance. I love the tiny closure that is a photo hanger she attached with brads! She plans to add a card and candy to the box. I also think this box would make a great "cell phone charger" box if it was made with foam core board. If you haven't seen one of these charger boxes, check this one out at or SCS as most crafters call it.

If anyone out there wants to take on the challenge of making this box into a cell phone charger box, post a link with your comment. But if you make this box anyway, just post a link in the comment, because I would like to see it. Even better, comment on Lori's site too!

The second father's day crafty gift I found was at Alpha+Mom by Brenda Ponnay.
Check it out here. She used mini altoid tins (you could use full size tins, too) and connected two of them together just like a real red toolbox. Brenda has complete instructions and very nice photos showing how she made these.

Again, if you make one, send me a link in the comment, and I will let Brenda know. Or better yet, give her a shout yourself.

Which one will I make? Not sure. I love them both. I don't like Altoids, but I could buy the candy for the tin. I will post photos of whatever I make and the card too!
Thanks for stopping by!

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