Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plan for 2011

I haven't been around much in late 2010, after starting the year by posting daily, because of my mother's health. When I added her illness to my MS, the girls, the house, my little business, etc. it just became too much. I had to cut back, and the blog is where it happened. Everything took a hit though. You should see my house! Completely opposite my normal clean, orderly, and neat appearance!

So what is in store for 2011? First, I'm turning 40 on January 18. It's not a time of reflection for me; it feels like an accomplishment or celebration. No, I don't know why.

On the home front, I want a clean home again. I won't be able to hire a housekeeper, so that will mean more teamwork from everyone in the house. Pray for me!

On the business front, I am closing my business, well, part of it. I will still be selling on etsy/ebay and selling in Southern Style on Main Street in Opp, but other than that… no more sales.

On the craft front, I would like to:

  1. complete Marion's 31 days, 31 goals, 31 videos. I plan to start with a video series later next week that will catch me up to day 1. That is goal #1.
  2. make 6 mini albums. With this particular goal, it gives me 60 days per album to get it completed! My hope is that I will get more than that done, but with everything else… Minis are for (1)Stella (2)Mom and Dad's wedding (3)An angel book for mom (4 and 5)Two Christmas books—loving the monster story book AmyV made. See AmyVLovesTV and her video!
  3. Make minimum of 1 video a month.
  4. Make flowers and more flowers. Fabric and paper. For the fabric ones, I want to make headbands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and clips/pins.
  5. Paint something for my girls. If you craft for money, you may know how difficult it is to take the time to do something for yourself or your kids. The goal is for their birthdays.
  6. Reorganize my craft room! I get busy with painting, then 3 other projects come up. Well, before you know it all of their accompanying mess is everywhere! Certain areas just do not work for me as it is either, and many things are not needed so close to my workplace, while others are.
  7. Sell unused and unwanted craft items on etsy!!
  8. Sell kits and things I make on etsy.
  9. Make a facebook page for creativepzazz. I have one for me, but I want to combine it with CP. I've even heard I can sync updates with twitter, FB, and my blog!

It will be funny to look back in a few months and see what I have and have not accomplished! I've made these lists before here, and not many things get knocked off my list! Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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