Monday, January 17, 2011

Youtube Give Away by Iowa2308

I am still organizing my craft room... I have been all year! I will finish, hopefully, this week. I will post a video tour and photos when I do.

Stop by and subscribe to Iowa2308 on Youtube. You will NOT be disappointed! Her videos are so informative and thorough! She is VERY creative! I have four favs on YT... (1)CynthiaLooWho, (2)Iowa2308, (3)Followthepapertrail, and (4)Jennings644, who makes me laugh!

Go to this video and subscribe, then you can comment on her video to have a chance to win her giveaway! It is basically an entire mini-album kit! Or a Medium album kit anyway.

Thanks for stopping by today! Leslie

1 comment:

  1. Amazing that someone is willing to give away when she can't even follow through with her sales. She's a scam and owes me LOADS of POSH STAMP SETS which I bouhgt and paid for back in October LAST year which I still haven't recieved. The only thing I have received are lame excuses I've had it and she knows I'm going to slander her all over youTube if she doesn't get her finger out of her --- and send me those stamps, she hasn't even offered to just pay me back the many 100 $'s I've paid ! Not good ethics something she in fact preaches !!

    Sorry and Regards from Norway
    Benedicte Smith-Hald


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