Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Fun

Attention crafters: This post is completely about family. Feel free to read and enjoy! 

Warning: this page may be slow to load because of the amount of photos on it. My apologies. My cousin Alex, his wife, and daughter, Elsa, came to visit recently. I promised to share photos and the video I made. I have other nieces and nephews, but no photos of them. Sorry!

This first photo is My grandmother and my girls on Mother's Day. They are standing in front of a windmill and a rose my grandfather planted for my grandmother decades ago. It was absolutely gorgeous this year!

a 229

My grandmother, Mema—yep I am from the south and proud of it! She is 84 and the toughest woman you will ever meet. She has beaten kidney cancer (was told she only had 6 months to live over 4 years ago), bladder cancer 6 times, atrial fib (irregular heart rate—they had to "shock" her with the paddles 3 times in essence killing her for a moment each time), and two strokes! She still walks and drives as she did before all of this! She even brags that she still cuts the grass at the age of 84!

a 206

Now, here are the photos of Elsa and my family. Please excuse the blurry photos and the red eyes in the photos. For a digital camera and an infant, something had to give in order to get the photos of her in action.

a 080

a 054 

The story here is that she was riding horsey on her dad's leg, then she rode on her moms leg. They were both on the couch. Sydney Grace was sitting there too, so Elsa proceeded to move over to Sydney's leg to ride the horsey! She just kept moving down the line to ride the next one!!

a 045  

This is Elsa's sad face. It was new to her this day. If you said do you want to take a nap or anything else she wouldn't like, she would make this frowning face and bow her head. It was spontaneous and HONEST! So cute!

a 051 

Here is a video of her walking. She was so funny! She would walk two steps then stand there and clap for herself as if she had moved a mountain!

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