Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bottomless Love Tub and Drink Tags

So after I blathered on yesterday about Feng Shui, I figured I better create something GREAT to share with you all to redeem myself in your eyes! Well, I did create something GREAT, but you'll have to wait. I am working up a tutorial for it! Don't fret! I have plenty more things to share with you!

I won blog candy from that Holly was giving away. She was giving away bottle flags, she called them. They were tags with a stamped mug on them colored to look like beer mugs! They were like wine glass markers, supposed to help you keep your beer identified at the party.  Well, I don't drink (remember I have Multiple Sclerosis, so meds + alcohol = NO NO!), so I asked her to make them coke floats in the mugs, because my daughter makes floats with her friends when she has a sleepover.

And so she did! She also went over board and made the cutest decorated tin! Check them out!

She made one tag larger for the guest of honor. She used (I assume) a blender pen or the aqua painters to color the soda in the mugs.

a 028 

These are the other tags. I just LOVE that mini tag the heart is stuck on. Don't forget to click on a photo to enlarge it.

a 029 

These are all of the tags. She used crystal effects, Dazzling Diamonds, and clear micro beads for the foam on the mugs. On one tag there was a errant black micro bead. She had the Fantabulous idea to make this tag be the "door prize" winner's tag! Since it is different compared to the others!! You could even plan this on your own tags!

a 034 

Here is the tin. My daughter confiscated it and is using it for her "treasures". It is magnetic on the bottom. Melon Mambo ribbon, if you were wondering.

a 009 

Cute Circle Circus center for the flower. Platinum Shimmer paint for the ink. Bling-a-licious in the center!

a 012 

She lined the inside and made this precious Japanese plum blossom punch art attached to the bottom.

a 014 

This is inside the lid. The green scallop circle is the base of the flower on top of the lid. (Great idea! I had not thought of that!)

a 016

What a GREAT blog candy!! Holly was so great and asked me exactly what I wanted! She has great ideas too! Drop by sometime and tell her hi!

Thanks for stopping by today!


p.s. Since my daughter absconded with the tin for the tags, I made a new container for them. Check it out tomorrow!

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